What is the Process to Apply Cambodia visa for Portuguese citizens

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Cambodia is one of the amazing and beautiful tourist destinations in Asia. It possesses several top-notch tourist attractions which include Angkor Wat Temple, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and others. We provide visa services for tourists and business visitors to Cambodia and are also always ready to help you with a single entry or multiple entry visa, tourist visa and business visa in maximum 4-5 working days. Cambodia has implemented a visa on arrival system for all international visitors from 30 countries, including the UK. Tourists from those 30 countries can apply for a visa on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports. check out to know how Portuguese citizens can get a Cambodia visa.



Cambodia has recently introduced an e-visa service like no other. The country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC) has partnered with the UK company VFS Global to issue visas for tourists. A Cambodian e-visa is issued once paying online via a credit card or PayPal account. Once you arrive at one of Cambodia's international airports, you will need to fill in an arrival form and show your passport to the immigration officer who will process it further. 

However, there is an extra fee to pay if you apply online, so you should apply and get the Cambodia visa application form before you apply for a Cambodia e- visa service. Check tourist visas online for further details regarding Cambodia visas for Portuguese citizens.

30 days visa - 61.0USD and a processing fee of 26.0USD.visa validity of 90days.


Country Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country, which has become the favourite holiday destination for visitors from all over the world on Cambodian New years visas. Cambodia also received more than 6 million immigrants, tourists. This set a great record for the tourism of the country. However, the visitors were, in a total of approx,7,000 belonging to the  Portuguese nationals community who visited the country. 

 The one who wishes for a tour to Cambodia from Portugal is requested to apply for a Cambodian visa  While there are multiple Cambodian visa types available, the Cambodian e-Visa also allows the  Portugues citizen o the one carrying the passport, to enter the country  Cambodia for sole purposes of tourism and can be obtained quickly and easily online. You can get a Cambodia Visa online in less than 5 minutes. Cambodia's e Visa is valid for 7 days. Visa application can take around 1-2 working days, but you can start the process of applying for a Cambodia e-visa beforehand. 


Requirements OF CAMBODIA VISA 

 Portuguese citizens travelling to Cambodia must apply for their electronic visa (eVisa) using a Portuguese passport that is currently valid for at least 6 months with the holder's date of arrival in the Asian country with a holders personal email address: while the other applicants will have their e-Visa linked with their passport and will also receive a digital copy of the visa via respective email. However, the photo should be printed out in a passport size format to present it to immigration authorities in Cambodia

2 passport-size photos: the one applying for the Cambodian visa as a citizen must provide a digital photo of themselves in JPEG or PNG format that conforms to standard passport regulations size. This photo must be scanned or a photo of the biographical page of the applicant's passport

Various vaccines are recommended  for Portuguese citizens travelling to Cambodia, including tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, and more. Travellers are advised to see their respected doctor get this vaccine before the date of departure to Portugal for Cambodia.

 Requirement for visa on arrival: Having to pay the visa application fee at the port of cash entry, in exact change, to queue at the immigration desk upon entry into Cambodia.  The documents which should be needed while the processing are 

  • A passport photo to be attached to the visa application form with signed 

Portuguese nationals travelling to Cambodia for tourism can obtain a visa on arrival at their port of entry in Cambodia. However, there might face some incontinence situations in visa on arrival which can be restricted by applying for an eVisa from Portugal. These include: They are required only to have a valid passport and visa, not a green card. Note that the visa is only valid for stays up to 30 days and will not be issued if the person has not yet returned to Portugal. 


The e-visa procedures  of the Portugal citizens 

The Cambodian visa for Portuguese holders are processed in TWO  within 4-5business days by the last processing charges and applications are often processed much faster than this. However, sometimes the applications can take longer to be processed. As a result, Portuguese travellers are advised to apply beforehand to the  Cambodian visa at least a month in advance of their departure date for Cambodia. The standard Cambodian visa for Portuguese Passport holders is valid for 3 months once issued and will permit visitors to stay in Cambodia for up to 30 days. Portuguese who wish to stay for more than 30 days in Cambodia can apply for a 30-day extension once it has been received. The Cambodia eVisa gives the facility to the citizens of Portugal to enter Cambodia from anywhere in the world via air hubs. 


If you are a Portuguese citizen and want to visit Cambodia, you should be aware that there are two different types of visa available for your trip. A tourist visa online is the easiest and fastest way to get a Cambodian visa, but it does not allow you to work or study in the country. The other option is the business visa online, which requires an invitation letter from a Cambodian business. You can find more information here:

Apply Cambodia Visa

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