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C type visa is a short-term visa or the Schengen visa. This is the visa that is given for the person, who wants to stay in a particular country for a shorter duration or the “reasons other than immigration”. With the help of the Schengen visa, you can stay in the country for a short duration and similarly multiple countries also. 

You can stay in a country for a maximum duration of 3 months in a half years after the first entry. You can make an entry in the country multiple times, there is a factor that says “reasons other than immigration”. Schengen visa can help you to enter a country and similarly other countries many times.

The application process of C type visa For Cambodia

Visa application form

The tourist need to carry a visa application, which is completely signed and filled up. Only 1 copy is required. 


Passport size photograph 

The tourist need to carry a passport size photograph. Which is taken in less than 6 months of the arrival. 

Actual passport 

The tourist must carry his actual passport, the validity of the passport must be 6 months before entering the country. 

The documents needed for the application 

Several documents are needed for the c type visa. 

  • Invitation letter from the organization in Cambodia
  • Copy of the valid MoU (Memorandum Of understanding) of the organization in which the employee will work and also from the government of Cambodia
  • Copy of the bio page of the passport- in which there are details like date of birth, name, etc. 
  • Copy of the recent visa of Cambodia, if it is applicable


Health insurance

The tourist needs to get health insurance, after that the tourist can get a visa to Cambodia.

Processing time

After submitting all the documents the tourist needs to wait for the processing time, which is usually 3-5 working days.

No visa fees

There are no visa fees attached with the c type visa. for the visa 


The tourist has to deposit $ 2000 per traveler 

 People who can apply for the Courtesy visa for Cambodia 

Several people apply for the courtesy visa of Cambodia

  • Some people started to work in Cambodia and they want to have a visa, those people can apply for the courtesy visa in Cambodia. 
  • The people, who are going to Cambodia for a business organization for employment. These people have to show an invitation from the registered organization. That company has to have a registered MOU with the Cambodian government. 

Apply Cambodia Visa

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