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Cambodia has a land territory of 181,035 square kilometers in the southwestern piece of the Indochina landmass, around 20% of which is utilized for agribusiness. It lies totally inside the jungles with its southern most focuses somewhat more than 10° over the Equator. Here you are going to know about Cambodia Business visa.

The most self-evident and mainstream intriguing reality about Cambodia is, obviously, Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the principle reason vacationers rush in their numbers to Cambodia. It is the world's biggest strict structure and thought about one of the miracles of the world.

There is no uncertainty that Cambodia is perhaps the most sought-after traveler objections in Asia. It has a rich history and culture and offers probably the most excellent landscapes and different spots of revenue. Nonetheless, similar to all nations on the planet, outsiders wanting to visit this nation need visas. Outsiders visit Cambodia for the travel industry, travel or business purposes.  You can check out to know more about cambodia visa on arrival for indian.

Business Visa

An electronic Cambodia Visa, which is likewise called Business Visa will be given for stays of outsiders like financial specialists, understudies, retired people, work searchers, and transient laborers.

The Cambodia business visa is likewise substantial for a quarter of a year and entitles ones during this chance to enter Cambodia for a greatest stay of as long as multi month. The business Cambodia Visa can be reached out for 30 days.

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Who needs this visa?

All outsiders entering Cambodia should apply for a visa, with the exception of nationals from the accompanying nations:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, and Vietnam (30 days).

Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Seychelles (14 days).

Philippines (21 days).

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In the event that you are from Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Sudan, you are not qualified for a visa on appearance and should apply ahead of time at the nearest Cambodian government office in your nation of origin (albeit everything except residents of Nigeria can apply online for an e-visa at least 20 working days ahead of time).

For residents of these nations, the visa necessities are undeniably more cumbersome. At any rate, you'll need a return ticket and support letter or letter of greeting from a business or association. Know that in spite of the fact that occupants from African nations are actually qualified for Cambodia visas, many are denied on appearance.

There is a base stay of 24 hours if the Cambodian visa is given at the Siem Reap air terminal; in any case, there is no base stay. Notwithstanding, the individuals who are on Thai visa runs are frequently rejected passage to Thailand on the off chance that they stay in Cambodia for short of what one day.

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Documents Required


  • You should give your genuine marked identification, including one duplicate of the individual data page of your visa. Your identification must:
  • Be substantial for the following a half year
  • Have at any rate one clear visa page (alterations and support pages can't be utilized to satisfy this necessity)
  • Not be frayed, torn, isolating, or modified in some other way


  • You should give one tone, identification type photo that meets the accompanying measures:
  • Be taken inside the most recent three months and imprinted on excellent photograph paper
  • Be taken against an all white foundation
  • Be two creeps by two inches
  • Give the full frontal perspective on your head with your face focused in the center and showing an unbiased (non-grinning) demeanor
  • You may wear neither eyeglasses nor headwear aside from strict purposes.  You can check out to know more about cambodia e visa or visa on arrival
  • Your photograph ought not be appended to your application and it may not show proof of sticky tape or staples

Business Cover Letter

You are needed to give a Business Cover Letter from your U.S.- based organization. All letters should be imprinted on organization letterhead that shows a U.S. postage information. Utilize the included example Business Cover Letter to finish your letter.

Visa Application Form

You should give one completely finished visa application structure found in this pack. The application structure must:

  • Incorporate responses for all fields
  • Show your complete name as it shows up in your identification
  • Be agreed upon

Evidence of Travel Arrangements

You should give evidence of movement plans to the span of your outing. Subtleties of your expected plans must:

  • Incorporate a duplicate of a schedule or e-ticket that shows your full circle travel and section and leave dates for your objective.  You can check out to know more about cambodia embassy visa
  • Show the voyager's complete name (as imprinted in their identification)

Confirmation of Health Insurance

You should give confirmation of health care coverage inclusion. This must :

  • Incorporate a base inclusion of at any rate $50,000
  • Explicitly express that you are covered for the time-frame you will travel
  • Kindly note that to meet this necessity, you may have to buy a different voyager's protection strategy.

Extra Documents

You are needed to give a duplicate of the accompanying reports:

  • Endorsement of Good Standing
  • Organization Registration and Patent Tax Certificate for the current year from the intriguing organization in Cambodia

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Getting a Cambodia e-Visa (Electronic Visa)

In case you're the kind of voyager who likes to prepare, you have the alternative to get a Cambodia e-visa online before your excursion. You should simply round out the online application and make the installment. You will get the report through email so you don't need to manage a Cambodia consulate. At the point when you show up in Cambodia, present your identification and the report. You can check out to know more about cambodian government website

Note that an electronic visa isn't equivalent to an Ordinary (E) visa. In any event it's not confounding. A Cambodia e-visa can be broadened once for 30 days, like a Tourist (T) visa. One of the advantages of advancing beyond time is that you can pay by credit/charge card or Paypal as opposed to paying USD for a visa-on-appearance.

This was all the info on Cambodia Business visa.

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