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The immigration law is complicated, even this makes it difficult for small businesses who are looking to bring in overseas workers to help them with their business. The EB-1 visa is the best visa option for small businesses looking to bring in overseas workers. It can bring in workers from across a wide range of industries, including business people, professors, researchers, multinational executives, and other workers. In this blog, we will discuss how you can apply for a Cambodia EB visa and what is the requirement for the Cambodia EB visa.


What is an EB visa?

An EB visa is also known as an EB1 visa. It is an employment-based visa for foreigners who hold extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and employment executives and managers. 

The EB1 visa is commonly known as the "Einstein visa" because it was intended to allow highly skilled workers into the U.S. 

However, EB1 visas are a good option for the U.S. for high-skilled workers. 

And there are basically three categories for EB visas: 

EB1A - Alien of extraordinary ability for whom a national interest waiver is sought 

EB1B - Outstanding professors or researchers 

EB1C - Multinational managers and executives, company transfer workers, treaty traders, or treaty investors

How do you apply for an EB visa?

If you are an applicant for the EB1 Visa, you must be aware of the importance of this visa. This allows you to travel and work abroad.

This is given to the applicants who are experts in the field of science, technology, arts, education, business, or athletics, and the applicant must have credentials that are recognized internationally. 

The applicant may be given the visa under the skilled worker category and they will have to prove that they are qualified enough to qualify for the visa.

Also, they will have to go through the labor certification process and the good news is that now you can apply for an EB visa in your home country with few required documents.


What standards for obtaining an EB Visa in Cambodia?

To apply for an EB1 visa in Cambodia is a long process. Many applicants do not expect it. Thus the requirements for getting an online Cambodia EB1 visa are simple and the applicants must prove that they have a business or a job in the US. Also, they have to submit their passport valid for a minimum of 6 months, a photo, a completed visa application form, a  letter of invitation, proof of confirmed air ticket

What are the benefits of an EB visa for Cambodia?

The  EB1 visa is a green card for professionals. In some cases, those with extraordinary expertise will not need to wait for the visa to be processed. It is beneficial to apply based on a job offer from a US-based company.

Perhaps the EB-1 visa was based on the United States government for foreign people with academic degrees in the arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics.

Also, if you are a foreign national with a special ability, then EB-1 visa is best for you; because it allows you to live and work abroad. It is the only immigration option available to foreign nationals who do not have a job offer and do not fall into any other category of visa.

When do I receive the EB visa for Cambodia?

The American Immigration Agency (USCIS) has recently changed its policy on the EB1 visa, which applies to investors who want to live and live in the United States. This change complicates the process for immigrants with this type of visa to apply for permanent residency. 

This EB1 visa is provided for all those who wish to invest in the United States. This visa is primarily issued to countries that do not have diplomatic relations with the United States, but the EB1 visa is also issued to investors who want to live and live in the United States.

Also, if you filled the visa application form it takes 5-7 days of processing time and after that, you will get your visa by email.



The US Embassy is continuously updating the immigration policies but one of the policies that have been there for a long time is that of the EB1 visa for Cambodia and they are recently announced that it intends to resume normal processing of the EB-1 visa application

The EB1 visa is issued to people who have a very special case and who have a very unique talent. It is a temporary visa and it allows the holder to stay in the country for some time, usually three years. 

But whenever you apply for the EB visa for Cambodia, you have to apply with all required documents.

We hope you enjoy this post and if you have any doubts you can also take a guide from here.

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