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Cambodia is a place of popular architecture and culture. It has the world Heritage Site as described by UNESCO and that is Angkor Wat. Nonetheless Cambodia is a place of ancient culture and it has a rich history as we get to see from the ancient temples and the  preservation of ancient ruins.  You can also get to see the raw beauty of the mountains and the landscapes and you can explore the massive beauty of the nature of Cambodia. There is also the beautiful river named Kampot river which adds to the beauty of the country. From the above little description of Cambodia we are quite sure that it is a great place to visit as tourists but Cambodia also gives the foreign Travellers a chance to seek a job here or to come here for any work related activities. One thing is common that is whether you visit Cambodia as a tourist or a person who will be visiting Cambodia for career options or to seek an employment or to establish a business or to grow the brand name of the company that the person is working under, you need to apply for the visa to Cambodia. There are many options that you can apply your visa through. You can apply for the visa to Cambodia either by online through Tourist visa online or via the embassy or the consulate that is offline. Even you can get a visa on arrival if you want or are in need. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the visa on arrival is currently suspended. 

Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Cambodia and you will get your visa issued within a few days without standing in the line for hours and without spending any extra fees such as service fees or any other extra charges that the embassy may charge from you when you are applying for the visa to Cambodia. You will get your soft copy if you are applying for the visa online and the embassy would give you the hard copy so it will be quite risky if you loose the hard copy. So, it is better if you apply online via Tourist Visa Online.


Types of Visas available for visiting Cambodia 

Tourist Visa 

This visa is mainly issued to the people who want to visit Cambodia to explore the massive beauty and the secrets of ancient temples that attract tourists every year. Even this visa is issued to those who want to visit Cambodia to visit their friends and family already residing in the country. The visa is valid for only 30 days. You cannot stay beyond the expiry date of the visa.

Business Visa 

This visa is mainly designed to be issued only to the professionals who visit Cambodia to expand their business or to grow the brand name of the institution they are working under as ambassadors. Even any other foreigners who want to visit Cambodia for their work-related activities they can do so and opt for this business visa. This visa also has the validity period of 30 days and within that time you have to complete the work you have come for.


E visas

This visas are need to be applied by the people who want to stay in Cambodia for an extended period of time. This visa is different from the other tourist visas since this types of visas can be extended indefinitely. This visa also has the validity period of 30 days and costs 35 USD. There are a total of 4 E class Visas – EB, EG, ER, ES. Here in this article, we will discuss only about the EG visa. 

EG visa 

This visa is mainly for those people who are seeking employment and can extend their stay validity for 1,3 or 6 months. Those who are already granted EB visa extension, they won’t be able to plea for EG visa extension. This particular visa is not for those who are residing in the country for long term. EB visa can be extended to 1,3, 6 or 12 months depending on the individual’s need. This is mainly issued to those professionals who come to Cambodia to seek a job or self employed. The foreigners need to have the proof of the documents do that they can be able to show the right reason.


Documents to be brought while applying for an EG visa Cambodia

  • A passport having the validity period of at least six months
  • Two Passport Sized photographs with clarity of the face
  • A Cover letter from the institution or the company you are working for and the highest qualifications you have till date
  • Cash must be present at the moment in USD and also the receipt of the payment done as a proof.
  • PCR test report of COVID-19 saying negative

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