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An investment visa is also known as an EB-5 investment visa. This is given to the foreign investor who is willing to immigrate to that country. There are different types of “Immigration Investor Programs” in different countries. This helps these countries are growing and it helps in the GDP of that country.

This is also beneficial to increase the foreign exchange between these countries. This Investment visa is only given to the investor who is willing to invest in some sort of property or a company, that will help their country to grow.

In exchange, these countries provide them Permanent residency. In the united states there are 2 types of investment visas:-

  • EB-5 Investment Visa
  • EB-2 Investment Visa

EB-5 Investment Visa 

This visa is specifically for the United States, this is an investment-based visa that requires some amount of Investment. This is different from other visas that are available in the United States. There is a certain limit, if the person invests that amount then he can have the EB-5 Visa.

This also means that if the person is getting the EB-5 or the investment visa, he or she is getting the “Green Card”. The immigration program works in a certain way that if the person is investing $1.8 million in property or any company, then he or she is eligible for the EB-5 visa. There is another way also that if the person can generate 10 full-time jobs then also he or she is eligible for the EB-5 visa.

This will increase the foreign investment and then he or she can get the “green card” after then, they can apply for permanent residence. If the jobs are successfully created by them.

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E-2 Investment Visa

E-2 investment visa in the united states is more specific for the investors. E-2 investor is obtained by the investor who helps in maintain the commerce of the country. This is a non-immigrant visa for the investors only. There is one way of getting this visa, where the applicant must invest some amount of money in the business that can generate employment, this will help their country in GDP growth. The person who gets an E-2 visa can also help their family members to get the green card with the help there.

The only way to get an E-2 visa is that the person must have invested a large amount of money into a business, that business must have generated 10 employment opportunities. The E-2 visa can be renewed many times as the person likes, it is not like the E-5 visa. But the E-2 visa can’t take you to the green card like the E-5 visa.

Cambodia Citizenship by Investment

The government of Cambodia has taken out an initiative in 1994, that has been put into law. There are very fewer people who know that you can get Cambodian citizenship by investment, there is one way of acquiring citizenship is that the person has to ability to acquire some land or some property in the name of the person.

There is a processing time for the application is from 3-4 months and for the family members it is said to be 3-6 months, the children need to be above 18 years to qualify as independent people.  

This process can be done with the help of an agent, this will help the person as it will save time. This process can be costly sometimes as it takes $75,000 - $85,000. The $5000 per dependent. Cambodian citizenship has been known to foreigners as they have made exemplary contributions to the country.

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Business Investment

The person who wishes to take the citizenship of Cambodia by way of investment is that the person who invests 1.25 billion riels that will sum up to $ 312,500, this way the person can get Cambodia Citizenship. But there is one more factor that is the fluency in their language is a must.

The business idea that the person is bringing must be approved by the government;

  • The person who has received the letter of confirmation by the Cambodian Development Council (CDC) for the investment. They are eligible for an investment visa in Cambodia.
  • If the person has not received any confirmation letter from the Cambodian Development Council (CDC), but they have received their letter of conformation from the Royal Government of Cambodia for the investment. They are good to go


The person who wants to get the investor visa in Cambodia, or can donate 1 Billion riels that sum around $ 250,000 or more than in the national budget. This is the way he or she can an investor visa in Cambodia.

There are a few qualifications and requirements that are required to get an Investor visa in Cambodia

  1. the person investing in the business must be above the age of 18 years
  2. he or she should have a sound mind and don’t have a criminal record.
  3. The minimum qualifying investment must be at least $311,000
  4. They must be fluent in their language
  5. the family members can also apply once the application of the main person is confirmed
  6. residency is required

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