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Cambodia has been recognised by the UNESCO for its famous World heritage sit, Angkor Wat. It is also known for its diverse attractions and landscapes. Phnom Penh Is a site which attracts our eyes at night and is a must visit when you visit Cambodia. Elephant valley project is one of the famous wildlife parks for which Cambodia is famous for and it also has Rich diverse wildlife. Bokor mountain and Kampot river are the great places where one can enjoy the beauty of nature that too in its raw form. So, thinking and imagining about the place won’t work, you might have been planning about visiting this place. You require a visa for travelling to Cambodia. You may either apply online via Tourist Visa Online  or you can apply through the Embassy As well in offline mode. 

Tourist Visa Online helps you and provides you with all sorts of information that is required for applying a visa online for Cambodia and also informs you about the types of visas and what kind of visas are actually recommended for you to fulfill your purpose of travelling to Cambodia. 

Tourist and visitors from 220 different countries need to apply for an easy visa online in order to travel to Cambodia. 


Main Two Types of Visas

Tourist Visa 

This visa is mainly used by those people who plan to visit Cambodia and plan to spent their holidays in Cambodia. They may also plan to visit difference and family who are already residing in Cambodia. So, for this the person need to have a passport which should have the validity for six months. 

This is also known as T class Visa. The stay validity of the visa is for 30 days. This visa is available at the cost of dollar 30 provided if you apply directly at the airport. This is a Single-Entry Visa and it can be renewed after the expiry of the visa only for an additional 30 days. The cost is between dollar 30 and dollar 50. 

One thing must be kept in mind that after 30 days are over, you need to return from Cambodia to your home country and then again apply for the new or renewed visa. If anyways you have a plan to stay in Cambodia, then don’t apply for a tourist visa, it won’t be of great help. You should apply for an ordinary renewable visa for your better. 

Business Visa 

This visa is mainly issued to those professionals who visit Cambodia only for businesses that is either to expand their business or as an ambassador to his or her company or to set up a new business. For this case also the person needs to have the passport which should have the validity for six months.          


Documents required for applying a visa online for Cambodia 

  •  A valid passport should be carried by the person and that should be at least six months valid. 
  • The passport should have at least 1 blank page where the stamp will be given. 
  • Two passport size photographs are needed while you are applying in the visa. 
  • You also need to carry your copies of the airline tickets which will have both the arrival and departure dates.
  • For people who go for tourist purposes, they have to show the bookings of the hotels or the place where they had already planned of residing.
  • For professionals, who go for business purposes, they need to bring with them the cover letter which will be given to them from the institution or the organization you he os she is working for.


If you have a plan to stay in Cambodia for a long time, then make sure you apply for this visa. This is a visa having the stay validity for 30 days but it can be renewed or extended after its expiry. The fee for this visa is dollar 35.

In this case, you need to apply for the extension before the expiry of the 30-day stay visa.


This is for those people who are working as volunteers, freelancers and have their families with them. The visa can be applied for the extension up to 1,3,6 or 12 months. One thing to be kept in mind is that 6 month and 12-month extension are given only for multiple entry purposes.


EG visa extension 

This is for those people who are seeking for a job or employment. The extension is for 1,3 or 6 months. But, if you had your EB visa extension then you won’t be allowed to get this extension visa facility. 

ER visa extension 

It is for those who are 55 years old or much older than that provided they are retired and are not employed. This kind if extension can be for a year. The fee is around dollar 290.

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