Can you Get Cambodia visa at Border

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If you are entering Cambodia by land or are eligible for the visa on arrival then you can look into getting the Cambodia visa at Border.

In this article we have listed all the requirements you should take care of before embarking on a journey to Cambodia, on a visa on arrival without the services of a travel agency.

Cambodia has a lot to offer to its tourists. One of the most popular destinations to visit is the Royal Palace in the capital city, which is an old glittering place full of ancient remains.

This South-East Asian country has both, daytime art and history preservations as well as an exciting nightlife for its visitors. You can visit the beaches, casinos and shops quite late at night

You can go to the ruins of Angkor Wat, which is a complex structure built centuries ago at the time of the Khmer Empire. There are also many other temples remains as archaeological sites, sculptures that exude spirituality.

The country has also created several world-class spas, resort facilities which can be a good healing experience after long walks and treks to these heritage sites.

Furthermore, there are also many business opportunities for those looking to invest along with excellent university education for students looking to spend some time here.

Continue to read the article below to find out more about the visa at Cambodia border. 



There are three major types of Cambodia visas at borders that you can apply for:

  • Tourist

For a short trip into Cambodia, where you can see the sights, attend a personal event and meet friends and family, the tourist visa will work best. You will simply have to present the details of your accommodation, return flight tickets and the complete itinerary of your trip. 

  • Business

If your visit to the country of Cambodia is more so financial than personal, then you can get a Business visa. One of the stipulations to qualify for this is to have an invitation letter from a host organisation situated in Cambodia itself.

  • Transit

If you only have a small layover and you would like to get out of the airport for that time, then you can get a transit visa. This kind of a Cambodia visa on arrival will let you stay for just three days at the most.



At the entry points of the borders, you will have to present certain documents to obtain the visa. 

Although you cannot hire a travel agency to apply for your visa, they can look over your documents before you decide to submit them. If the airport officials find faulty documents, you will be denied entry into the country:

  • An original passport from your country of origin, which should have six-month validity.
  • One recent passport-sized photograph, coloured and taken against a white background with a neutral facial expression.
  • You will also have to bring along a copy of your return flight tickets.
  • If it is only a layover flight, then a copy of the ticket and approved visa for the final destination is necessary.
  • Your bank account statement with financial records of the last three months at least. It is required to prove that you are capable of sustaining yourself while on the Cambodia visa on arrival.
  • Alternatively, $500 cash for a fifteen-day trip will also be enough to sustain you.
  • A copy of your travel accommodations, hotel or resort bookings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two border points in Phnom Penh and Siam Reap international airports where you can obtain the Cambodia visa on arrival.

The Cambodia visa cost at the border does not apply to children who are under two years of age, they can enter for free.

No, citizens of only certain eligible countries can get a visa on arrival. You can check if your country is on this list of exceptions from the tourist visa online website.

No, if you have opted to get a visa on arrival, then you will get the visa after landing at the airport in which case you cannot apply online.

A 30 day tourist Cambodia visa cost at border, will be $20, along with $8 worth of taxes you will have to pay at entry.

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