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Anyone traveling to a foreign nation should fulfill some of the requirements including a visa to enter the foreign territory. Similarly, individuals holding a valid Tanzanian passport traveling to Cambodia have to fulfill few requirements. If you are wondering Can I go to Cambodia without a Cambodian visa. Then the answer is no because Tanzanians need to acquire their visa for Cambodia


Cambodia Tourist Electronic Visa

The Cambodia Tourist Electronic Visa is the e visa obtained by tourists from Tanzania. Tourist visas for Cambodia can be easily acquired by the individuals holding passports from Tanzania. Cambodia tourist e visa is often recognized by Class T visa for Cambodia. 

Validity: If you are visiting Cambodia with a Class T visa (tourist visa) then the validity will stay for three months. Which will be considered valid from the date your Class T visa was issued.  The other factor about a Cambodian Class T visa is that you would not be accepted and recognized as a valid permit. Besides applying for 30 days stay Class T visa, applicants can also choose other options.

Fee: Class T visa for Cambodia will cost you around 61.0 USD.  To obtain Class T or Cambodian tourist visa, Tanzanians will need to pay 26.0 USD. The additional fee of 26.0 USD is the processing amount for a Class T visa. 

Permitted Entries: The number of entries allowed with Cambodia tourist e-Visa is one. 

Processing time: Another question that arises among the Tanzanians applying for Cambodia tourist electronic visa is the processing period which is 5 to 7 days.

Extension: Tanzanians can exceed the validity of their Cambodia e-Visa by requesting for visa extension. Tanzanians can apply for a Class T visa extension from the immigration department. The Class T visa extension will allow another 30 days' stay in Cambodia.


Applying for Cambodia Class T or Tourist Visa for Tanzanians

Tanzanians applying for Cambodian class T or Tourist visas are:

  • Suggested to apply for their Cambodian Class T visa from the online portal "tourist visa online".
  • Scroll down to fill in basic details and click on 30 days Visa type.
  • Provide needed details in the online Cambodia electronic visa 30 days application form.
  • Tanzanians will need to submit their passport, flight ticket details, travel details, and photo.
  • Tanzanians have to follow the next step which is online payment. 
  • Tanzanians need to wait for five to seven days. Tanzanians will be given their Cambodia Class T visa through Email.

Requirements for Class T or Tourist Visa for Cambodia:

Tanzanians visiting Cambodia and applying for a Cambodia Tourist e visa should have:

  • A national passport- which is a Tanzanian passport for citizens of Tanzania
  • Photo 
  • Email Address
  • Online transaction
  • Travel details

Cambodia E class visa for Tanzanians

Are you a Tanzania citizen and want to visit Cambodia for business and not for tourist purposes? Then, Tanzanian citizens can obtain Cambodia E class visa for Tanzania. A short business visa to Cambodia must be accepted by a valid Class E visa. Tanzanians will be accepted into the country only for one time with E class visa. The validity of a Class E visa for Tanzanians is just 3 months with 30 days permitted to stay in the country.

Fee: Tanzanians need to pay a visa fee for a Class E Cambodia visa which is USD 35 and a processing fee too. Visa for Tanzanians to get entry into the country for business will take at least five days.


Documents needed for Class E visa for business are:

  • Tanzania passport
  • Photograph
  • Invitation letter or cover letter
  • Medical insurance
  • Travel details
  • Return flight tickets

Extension: Tanzanians can extend their Cambodian E Class visa to stay in the country for more than one month. Request for Class E Visa can be done for one and three months, or they can also request for a six or twelve months extension. If Tanzanians want to apply for multiple entries Cambodia E class visa, then apply for either a 6 or 12 months extension.


Tanzanian passport holders should receive their Cambodia e-visa first by the authority. Tanzanian citizens should make sure that they have a valid Class T or Cambodia Class E visa, passport, tickets, accommodation details, the purpose of visit, and health insurance to enter the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Tanzanians need to acquire a Cambodian visa before entering the country and their visa will not be issued at Phnom Penh airport.

No, according to Cambodia immigration policy Class T visa is not valid and Permit foreign nationals to work  

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