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Cambodia Travel Restrictions

Cambodia Travel Restrictions have been strictly edited by the Cambodia Airlines service provider as well as the Cambodia embassy by certain probation, rules, and some mandatory precautions and requirements. These are the following requisites

  1. Firstly, it is essential to layout passport indispensable by the visitant.
  2. Airlines safety guidelines with some indispensable follow-up by the visitant is an essential need for the entry purpose.
  3. Only the visitor will be allowed entry for those holders whose visa indispensable is been granted by the Cambodian embassy.
  4. Cambodia also issued a visa on arrival, an indispensable need for the visitant.
  5. The types of visas which have been issued by the Cambodian embassy


- Business visa

  • For business visas, the indispensable maximum sustainable period depends on the company time allowance to the visitant in the company 
  • Normally it ensures both multiple visas and a single visa.
  • In both the visa types, 90 days extension can be made by the visitant.
  • If the company wants the visitor to sign a lifelong workplace in Cambodia, then the visitant must apply for a Cambodian citizenship card or green card, which also requires some conditions for assurance.

- Tourist visa

  • For the tourist visa, the minimum sustainable period is 30 days.
  • Tourist visas are followed by three types of requirements
  1. Tourist visa - maximum sustainable period is 12 days
  2. Popular tourist visa - maximum sustainable period is 30 days.
  3. General tourist visa - maximum sustainable period is 90 days.
  • Both the single visa and multiple visas are applicable in this case of the state.


-Student visa

  • For a student visa, an indispensable maximum stay period must be completed by the Cambodian school head or it must be directly conveyed by the Cambodian embassy. They will enquire for how many days can be ensured for the student's completion of the course for which they have applied.
  • A single-type visa is mainly applicable for students only; if their parents want to stay with them, they have to apply for a tourist visa.
  • Previous school transfers, as well as migration evidence, are an indispensable need.
  • This visa is only indispensable when the Cambodian school embassy or the founder of the school will grant the proposal.

- Health visa

  • This visa is only indispensable when the health department or the embassy has clarified the patient's condition.
  • The doctor must assure the condition of the patients in a written proposal to the Cambodian embassy.
  • Multiple visa entry is essential under these indispensable conditions

- Transit visa

  • The maximum sustainable period is 4 days
  • This visa is indispensable for those visitors who want to break their journey from Cambodian territory.
  • Tourist visa is mainly indispensable under this requisite

- Employee visa

  • For employee visas, the indispensable maximum sustainable period depends on the company time of allowance to the visitant in the company 
  • Normally it ensures both multiple visas and a single visa.
  • In both the visa types, 90 days extension can be made by the visitant.


Cambodia Visa 

Cambodia visas for Lithuanian citizens are indispensable as for every visitor visiting Cambodia requite are necessary needs to be filled.

  1. A visitant passport is an indispensable need
  2. The image of the visitant (recognizable image) is an indispensable need.
  3. Visitant must be taken in covid dose as it is an indispensable need.
  4. Immigration documents are also an indispensable need
  5. The Cambodia Airlines service provider ensures that the visitor must follow up 14 days of quarantine under the airline's observation as it is an indispensable need.
  6. The visitant bank statement is also an indispensable need
  7. Visitant travel proof is an indispensable need
  8. Personal information of the visitant is needed

These conditions are indispensable for visitant of Cambodia visit.

Cambodian People

Cambodian people mainly believe in tradition, philosophy, and clientele. Well, visitant to Cambodia will love and enjoy their company after traveling to Cambodia territory. 

  1. Cambodian people are buoyant and irrepressible as they are always ready to face any difficulties, whether for their requirements or other needs.
  2. Cambodian citizens or people are very kind-hearted and tender; no irreverent or crime-minded through come across their mind.
  3. For Cambodian people, the Cambodian country has been declared as a safe and trouble-free as well as crime-free country.
  4. Cambodian people are mainly family-inclined; their priority has been derived and obtained as family-motivated.
  5. Cambodian people mainly believe in and are granted the religion as Buddhism.
  6. Cambodian people are always curious to learn about mainly essential and relevant needs; they have also learned the languages known as Japanese, playing all kinds of popularized countries instruments. DJing, foreign English language. Etc.

Cambodia Flights

As per the recent updates from Cambodia flights details, the flights are again recently closed due to very drastic situations.

  • Lakhs of Cambodian citizens have been death
  • Many areas have been declared as red zones
  • For this reason, the Cambodian embassy has again prohibited the airline’s services.
  • No restaurants, offices, and working places, malls in Cambodia are closed.
  • Cambodia embassy Is assuming that the normal scenario of Cambodia territory will take time to regain its condition.
  • Cambodia’s embassy has been assuming a great loss in economic conditions.
  • Cambodia's many areas are still under lockdown.

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