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Cambodia City

Cambodia city visit is a very good visiting place for the frequenter as it’s a shielded place and frequenter love Cambodia city for its beauty, vision, Chamness and its natural fragments.

  1. Cambodia has also maintained a good relationship with all the exclusive countries
  2. Cambodia also holds a good relationship with Mongolia's country
  3. They have also signed many petitions regarding increasing military camps, encouraging people to join the military field and other requisite
  4. Mongolia and Cambodia time difference is just 1 hour 
  5. Cambodia's GDP rates are less than Mongolia's GDP rates as Mongolia's GDP rates are higher.
  6. Cambodia embassy has helped Mongolia embassy many times in crisis via economic and other essential help necessity.
  7. Cambodia city is mainly dependent on tourist visits; as for the current situation, the economy of Cambodia has declined badly.


Cambodia Visa

Cambodia visa for Mongolians is an essential condition for visa demand as it needs, a tourist visa for traveling to Cambodia with the visa must-have condition, no entry is given to any frequenter. Cambodia must-haves are

  1. A frequenter of the Mongolian visitor must have a passport significant
  2. Frequenter must endure image which must be significant
  3. Immigration documents need to be presented by the frequenter.
  4. Mongolian visitors must present his/her personal information
  5. Mongolian citizens dose utilization is a significant requisite
  6. Flight evidence of Mongolian frequenters needs to be significant
  7. Frequenter must specify his/her place of living in Cambodia.
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Cambodia Dance

As Cambodia is rich with culture and traditions, Cambodia's dancing forms are the quite normal and famous amount the tourist vision of visiting. The most popular form of classical dancing in Cambodia is none other than Khmer classical dancing.

  1. Khmer classical dancing is followed up mainly in events, worship, or the times of celebration, or at the time of worship, or to give respect to any citizens it's been treated as the national dancing form of Cambodia.
  2. Khmer dancing dress, belongings, and specially dedicated musical format have gained many of the Mongolian and other travels to Cambodia heart.
  3. Cambodia's dance culture has also been followed up by many social forms of dancing such as cha-cha, Madison, and the bolero.
  4. In fact, in all activities of Cambodian people, it has been followed up with the form of dancing 
  • Sneang Tosoang Dance – it's mainly the dance form of wild creatures mainly obtained in the jungle areas which are bounded by the Cambodia embassy. Many tourists visit this popular gesture of animals at a certain period.
  • Trot Dance – it's mainly the dance form practiced by the hunter during the time of hunting to sustain or avoid the hard-luck during hunting time as the Cambodian people believe in superstitions
  • Cambodian Fishing Dance, - it's mainly the dance form practiced by the female and male fisher before going for catching the fish
  • Cambodian Coconut Dance - it's mainly the dance form practices by the females wearing jewelry made with coconut material to indulge the new production of coconut.

Cambodian Army

Well, Cambodia's active young generation is an active part of the Cambodian Army Camp. For their encouragement, the Cambodian embassy has enlarged many army schools for their proper guidance and essential requirements.

  1. Cambodia has been becoming the military-efficient country
  2. All required arms and weapons have been delivered by the Cambodian embassy to other countries.
  3. The rates of criminal acts have been becoming less 
  4. Cambodia's embassy is slowly becoming a self-dependent country.


Mongolian People

Mongolian people are mainly tribal-oriented presenters, they easily don’t use to communicate or show friendly less to any unknown and especially the tourist. Mainly the origin of the Mongolian people is obtained from the nomads' era. Mongolian people are quite aggressive and do not follow up with any kind of relations with foreigners.

  1. Mongolian people and country mainly have been densely populated region, so their maximum population is obtained with Chinese. Many exports and imports have also been conducted with China as it's been the neighboring country of Mongolia.
  2. Mongolian relations have been quite rarely good with other countries.
  3. Mongolian embassy has taken a quite responsive and deriving approach regarding covid protocols as this is the country with a lesser amount of people been affected with the current disease and its rated od dates are quite less.
  4. Mongolian embassy is currently allowing travelers to visit Cambodia
  5. Mongolian people have also been increasing their economic condition since last year 
  6. Mongolian people are quite educated and have been active in the field of innovation also.
  7. Mongolia's country is free of terrorists, attracts
  8. Crimes are quite medium in Mongolia's country.

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