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Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia. With its spectacular coastline, forested hills and magnificent waterfalls, it's no wonder that Cambodia attracts a great number of tourists every year. However, getting a Visas are a huge pain to obtain. You have to find an embassy, fill out paperwork, pay fees, and sometimes your passport will be held until the visa is approved. It's a lot of work for a simple travel document. But did you know that if you're a citizen of Myanmar, you can get a visa to Cambodia?

What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of applying for visas at embassies around the world, you can apply right here through the tourist visa online service, just by going through this article. 



Citizens OF  Myanmar can go for any 1 option among the 2 mentioned below, to choose for the Cambodia visa policy.

  1. Go with service if the visa is by the respective countries. This service is fully online in which one can get a visa on arrival and the visa is carried out only at the period of the arrival at the airport in the country with all the approval documents issued by the Cambodia Immigration department
  2. One can immediately reach out to the embassy closest to the location in Myanmar or hire a private visa provider.  


In a respective Cambodia e-visa application, one must have to attain all the details In the online application form, upload the required documents which must also Include :

  •  pictures of the applicant in jpg format,
  •  in the links provided and pay the required fees by any credit card or debit card, this mode also accepts PayPal and other online payments sites. 
  • The traveller’s passport must be valid for  6 months and should have at least one blank page to  Cambodia.

The Cambodia e-Visa should be printed two times and the travellers are also requested to keep these 2 copies with them while travelling as well as the time they stay in Cambodia. This allows Cambodia to permit only a single entry. the  Visitors can also stay for 30 days. Similarly, if a person wants to reappear in the country. he/she must have to apply for a  re-enter Cambodia visa, in case if the traveller is already in the country and want to apply for an extension it is necessary to apply again for the visa service.

Similarly, a tourist visa online service for Cambodian visas for Myanmar people is issued within 2 to 3 working days. These e-visa facilities, on the other hand, have spared a lot of travellers who need a Cambodia visa without having to wait in a large line and allowing them to enjoy their vacation within a few days of preparation. This visa service, however, is only eligible for a standard tourist visa with a single entry and is valid for a maximum of 30 days. It is presently unavailable to citizens of certain countries. This means citizens of the e-visa prohibited countries must obtain visas at the embassy.



Try applying for a business visa at your nearest embassy or at all main checkpoints upon arrival. This visa allows the user to enter and depart Cambodia more easily through the international airports of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Immigrants can also enter Cambodia on a tourist visa with an electronic visa (eVisa). 

Around and about 220 citizens of various nationalities are allowed. To get a visa, the traveller must first finish the application procedure and then undergo a medical check. This also covers the first step, which is to apply for a Cambodian visa online by submitting certain personal papers, a passport, and an email address to which the Evisa will be sent.


The Cambodian visa policy defines which travellers are in extreme need of the visa service,  to visit the country of Cambodia and has also differentiated the types of visas according to the requirements and need. This procedure is done by the government to make it more comfortable for the local citizens as well as the foreigners. The purpose of travel and the ethnicity of the visitor has involved the entry ordinances. Now, visitors from all around the globe, from 220 different countries can easily apply for the visa online for an electronic visa (eVisa) for Cambodia. This pertains to finalizing a simple form visa on the internet. This also comprises short-term stays for tourism purposes. All the travellers of Cambodia, of nationality, need a kind of long-term consular visa or a permit to use up for more than “30 days” in Cambodia to work in the country. These can barely be obtained from a Royal Cambodian Embassy.



 If you are travelling to Cambodia as a Myanmar citizen, you should plan ahead to obtain your visa. You can find detailed information about the requirements and other important facts about Cambodia’s tourist visa on our website today.

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