Apply Cambodia Visa For New Zealand Citizens

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New Zealand Citizens

New Zealand citizens are requested and required to obtain a travel or tourist visa to visit Cambodia. The visa requirements need to be present in front of airlines checking, Cambodia embassy along with foreign minister office and also applicable in the border areas also. Obtaining an e-visa to Cambodia is very easy and comfortable to permit. Confederate natives can also apply for the visa type to travel Cambodia, but the permission will be generated only on the condition for the travel and requirements need to be confronted before the embassy.

  • Maximum stay in Cambodia is for 90 days, after that period; new extension applications are also available.
  • In New Zealand citizensare allowed for visas on arrival
  • For this updation process, New Zealand citizens do not need to travel to any embassy or no need to consult any travel agency for their requirements.
  • Applicant and New Zealand citizensjust need to follow these steps and requirements.
  • - Complete the full processing application form with the valid indenture
  • - Payment status must be done and completed
  • - Visa approval-related documents need to be kept securely.


Cambodia Visa

For the visa requirements in Cambodia, you must ensure with all of your valid indentures. Visit Tourist Visa Online as it’s the online booking visa platform where you can assign with all the required accessibility in this site, it holds from visa application form to visa processing all are done in this site in-fact it’s a completely secure site no fraud activities are been followed that’s why all the feedback and ratings have made this site a complete responsive site. Just as it needs a valid indenture for the processing and confirmation process, citizens need to fulfill all the payment status along with the service charges that the tourist visa online provided to them. Normally the e-visa is delivered within 48 hours.

New Zealand citizens must require these documents for the Cambodia visit.

  • New Zealand citizens must be issued withvalid indenture and passport- this is required to keep a record of the period of travel and stay in Cambodia with all security check-up processing.
  • New Zealand citizens must carry a digital image of the latest date and must also provide that in the application process so that it will make the border checkers or the airline checker can identify you before traveling.
  • New Zealand citizens must give their active mail address so that they can get an update will the visa process that ensures and also for the interview conduct process.
  • All the billing and living or staying or booking indenture are requested to keep proof for future requirement details.
  • New Zealand citizens must carry the same passport which they have presented as a document on the application form.
  • New Zealand citizens personal information is required to be submitted
  • proper letter for the requirement of travel
  • If you are visiting Cambodia to your relative's house, the details of your relatives are required to be presented.
  • valid time, number, and nationality will be recorded by the New Zealand embassy before your visit.


What Is A Diplomatic Passport?

Normally a diplomatic visa is an offer to the embassy or special graded officers for free visa travel. If New Zealand citizens endure this Diplomatic Passport then their passport holders can travel with free visa without any passport or visa requirement to Cambodia.

If any local or normal applicant is willing to visit Cambodia, they can obtain an e-visa 

  • Single visa – with which New Zealand citizens can stay for a maximum period.
  • Multiple visas- with which New Zealand citizens can stay for a long time, which is about 2 years.
  • And for a complete long stay in Cambodia for the requirement, which is students, workers, employees, entrepreneurs, they must consult the Cambodian embassy for their required application.

Online application processes are more efficient and easily obtained rather than offline processing, so visitors are advised to apply for an e-visa from a tourist visa online.

Covid Update 

From recent updates, Cambodia's Covid rates are quite under control. People or tourists are now allowed to visit Cambodia.

  • Proper guidelines by the Cambodia embassy required to be followed
  • Proper quarantine is required to be maintained before entering Cambodian territory.
  • Social maintenance and a Cambodian passport are required to obtain after entering Cambodia.


New Zealand Children

If New Zealand children are traveling to Cambodia, they too will be required to meet visa and passport requirements for their travel. They also have to submit separate application forms, email addresses and also have to pay for the visa requirement with complete paid status. Along with that, a letter representing the children needs to be submitted under the criteria section.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand citizens are required e-visa for their travel to Cambodia. The maximum stay period offered to every traveler with a visa is 30 days and this is for a single person staying period in Cambodia.

NZ travelers can travel to Cambodia by e-visa and their minimum period of stay is 90 days. After your validation ends and you have not applied for an extended visa, then the Cambodian foreign minister will conduct a meeting and you have to explain your problem formally. 

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