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The recognized visa-free nations by the Cambodian government do not have to need to acquire Cambodian visa to gain entry. Visa-free entry to Cambodia can only be enjoyed by some of the nations. And if you are a citizen of the Philippines you are also eligible to enter the South east Asian country, Cambodia visa-free. The Cambodia visa-free countries including the Philippines do not need to apply for an electronic Cambodian visa and Cambodian visa from the consulate.

Cambodia visa for Philippine citizens can only be used for certain purposes which includes tourism reasons, vacations, and visits. The Cambodia visa-free entry will not allow them to work and attend business in Cambodia. There are other types of Visas Philippine Citizens will have to obtain for reasons other than tourism. The business Cambodia visa which is one type of ordinary visa must be acquired for 30 days. If the Philippines are traveling for business-related work for short-term visits. The Philippine passport holders to stay in Cambodia for longer than 30 days, can only enter the country with a valid work permit.

Cambodia visa-free entry or visa exempted entry will only be granted for a certain time. Every visa entry or visa-free entry to Cambodia has some limitations. For vacations and tourism, Philippine Citizens can stay in the country for just 30 days. There is a different way to stay in Cambodia for a longer period will have to apply for a Cambodian visa extension.


Benefits of Cambodia visa-free entry for the Philippines:

  • Philippines passport holders can enjoy the trip to the country without a visa for tourism.
  • The Philippines will not have to go through the long process of filling the visa application to Cambodia.
  • The Philippines will not be restricted to pay the Cambodian visa fee.
  • The Philippines will not have to wait for visa approval to Cambodia before entering the country.

Documents required for Philippines citizens to gain entry in Cambodia

All the foreign visitors entering Cambodia with no visa due to visa-free facility will still be restricted to show few documents at the airport:

  • The first most important document Philippines citizens will need to enter Cambodia is the national passport of the Philippines. But citizens Philippines should not use invalid passports and a passport with no blank pages.
  • The second important document, Philippines will need is proof and evidence of sufficient funds. The Philippines can show the bank statements for sufficient proof evidence.
  • The third, Philippines will need is flight tickets to and from Cambodia. If a tourist from Cambodia is entering from borders then they will not be restricted to show flight tickets at the border crossings. Return flight tickets are required to confirm that the Philippines will not overstay their visa-free entry.
  • The fourth document, the Philippines will need to enter Cambodia is a negative PCR COVID test to show at the airport due to pandemic restrictions. 
  • The fifth document, Philippines will need is a health insurance document.


* Businessmen and investors for short-term stays must carry a valid Business visa for Cambodia to gain entry.

*All travelers must also apply for a Cambodia visa extension on time otherwise they have to pay a fine.

*Currently, due to Pandemic the Cambodian government has restricted foreigners to apply for Cambodian visa online and Cambodia visas on arrival. The Philippines passport holders can obtain their Cambodia Visa and must have a valid reason to enter the country.

*Students with Philippines passports will also need to acquire a valid Cambodian ES visa. Students from the Phillipines will have to show additional documents which are an offer letter or cover letter from the school or university. 



Cambodia visa for Philippines passport will only be needed when visiting the country for long-term stays. The long-term stay visas will only be obtained if the Philippines have valid reasons. And, Philippines are one of the Cambodian visa exempted countries so they just need a valid six months passport to enter the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cambodia business visa or ordinary visa has a validity of upto 90 days. But all the visitors with business visas to Cambodia can only stay and live in the country for 30 days.

If the citizens of the Phillipines are traveling to Cambodia for more than 30 days must apply for a visa. 

The visa-free duration to Cambodia which the Phillipines are enjoyed to stay is thirty days.

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