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According to the visa rules of Cambodia, there are three ways to acquire a visa. It can be a visa on arrival, e- Visa, embassy visa for Cambodia. Russian citizens are eligible to acquire their Cambodian visa. They can send their application form for Cambodia e- visa online or they can submit the visa application after arriving at the airport. Cambodia Visa for Russian citizens is provided to tourists and even to the visitors traveling to a country for work-related reasons.

Cambodia e-Visa for Russian citizens

Russians can apply for and acquire the Cambodia e- Visa to visit the country. The electronic visa for Cambodia can be obtained by the nationalities of 220 countries and Russia is one of the eligible countries. The electronic visa facility was initiated for ists and visitors to apply for visas easily and safely. It allows a single entry and it is valid for 90 days but you can stay in the country for only 30 days. It will be invalid after the expiry date and tourists from Russia must leave the country before the expiry date.


What are the documents Russians will need to apply for Cambodia e-Visa?

  • A valid and original Russian passport of the applicants.
  • Passport size and recent-colored photo of the applicant to upload with the application form. Applicants are suggested to keep a neutral face for photos with a grey background. The size of the photo should be 35mm in height and  45mm in width.
  • The means of payment for an online transaction can be a Credit or Debit card.
  • Email ID of the Russian applicant to apply for a Cambodia visa online.

What is the procedure to apply for Cambodia e-Visa?

  • Fill the general information on Tourist Visa Online.
  • After selecting the type of visa fill the application form for a Cambodian visa online.
  • Russians citizens will be asked to give their personal information, passport information, and other related details. Submit and upload the documents related to and required for a Cambodian visa.
  • Pay the Cambodia e-Visa fee online and you will also receive the payment confirmation message on your E-mail ID.
  • Russian citizens will receive their e-visa to Cambodia after the approval. It will take few days for processing. The Cambodian e- visa is processed and issued by the main department of immigration and nationality affairs of Cambodia.

The visa fee for Russian citizens to apply for Cambodia e-Visa is 61.0 USD and the processing fee of Cambodia e-Visa is 20.0 USD. The visa is issued and can be received within one week.


Cambodia Visa on arrival for Russian citizens

If the applicant is planning not to go for Cambodia e- Visa process. Then, they have another option to acquire a Cambodia visa on arrival. Russians traveling to Cambodia will have to follow certain steps and their Cambodian visa will be issued at the airport. The validity of a Cambodia visa on arrival is 30 days and Russians can visit and travel the country. It permits one single entry into the country.


  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Flight tickets
  • Accommodation information
  • Visa application form 
  • Required visa fee

Process for Russians to apply for Cambodia visa on arrival:

The visa rules of Cambodia allow many nations to opt for this method for acquiring visas to Cambodia. 

  • Russian citizens with Cambodia visas on arrival can gain entry and apply for visas from two airports: the first one is Phnom Penh International Airport of Cambodia and the second one is Siem Reap International Airport of Cambodia.
  • After reaching one of the entry points, applicants to apply for a Cambodia visa must fill and submit the visa application form. Applicants will need to stand in the line to submit and obtain their Cambodian Visa.
  • Important documents will be needed to submit the visa on the arrival application form for Russians. Russian citizens should pay the Visa fee for Cambodia visa on arrival asked by the authority.
  • After submission, the application form for the visa will be processed by the immigration staff at the airport.
  • Russians can obtain their Cambodia visa on arrival if the visa to enter the country is approved.
  • If their visa is not accepted due to some they will not be allowed to enter the country.

Cambodia visa on arrival fee is $30 if you are applying for a visa at the airport.



Cambodia Visa for Russian citizens is required and needed to enter the country. There are some countries recognized as visa-free by Cambodia. If you or visiting the country for business other work, then apply for Cambodia Ordinary visas. Visas for tourists to Cambodia can easily be applied on Tourist Visa Online.


1) How can Russian citizens apply for a Cambodian visa extension?

Ans- Russian citizens can apply for a Cambodia visa extension at the immigration department and it can be extended up to another 30 days with a single entry.

2) Can the applicant with a Russian passport holder apply for a Cambodia visa at the airport?

Ans- Yes, Russians can apply for and acquire their Cambodian visa at the airport.

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