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Cambodia is a small country. Tourists' main attraction for this country is its historical heritage and buildings. Cambodia is bordered by four neighboring countries which are Thailand, the Gulf of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Well, its official language is Khmer, but French and English are also widely popular. For communicating with Cambodian people, these languages will be sufficient. It maintains an average of 25-degree temperature. Cambodian 90% of its citizens have been converted to Buddhism. Cambodia's economy only depends on its tourist visits. It has many mountains, beaches, and rivers to visit. More and less it’s a complete destination place for the tourist.

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Cambodia Volunteer Visa

To apply for a Volunteer visa you need to have a valid visa and passport. The passport validation must be for at least six months; otherwise, you are not eligible for the volunteer visa. Most of their application cancel for not having proper passport validation.

Volunteer Basic Requirements

  • Passport original documents and a photocopy of the information page are required.
  • If a person acquires any other previous passport, that’s also needed.
  • Recent color photographs are required
  • The signature of a candidate is required
  • Address-proof documents need to be submitted
  • Travel tickets are required
  • Health documents are required
  • A foreign minister letter of assurance is needed
  • Bank details are required
  • Hotel registration and bills need to be submitted

These conditions need to be fulfilled before applying for a volunteer visa.

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Cambodia Currency

Cambodia's official currency is the riel. Well according to the estimation one Cambodian riel equals 0.018 Indian Rupee. Travelers must carry the maximum amount of cash as in many places only cash facilities are accepted. Most Cambodian ATMs do not give a valid amount. In a few places, travelers can use debit and credit cards.

 Cambodia Safety

According to reports, Cambodia is the safest place to visit, no tourist faced any kind of trouble while visiting Cambodia, but certain things need to be known.

  • Recently, rabies rates have increased. Travelers must provide their vaccination documents before traveling
  • HIV/AIDS vaccine documents need to be present
  • Due to covid pandemic, all precautions should be maintained during traveling; the traveler must use a Cambodia mask
  • For its dense forest malaria, dengue, and zika virus is quite common, so health insurance is mandatory for travelers
  • Travel insurance is mandatory
  • You must use bottled water as it's safe for drinking

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Cambodian Food

Cambodia is also famous for its street food-you must try this dish, surely.

  1. Samlor Korkor- its identity as the national dish
  2. Amok – it’s a well-known Cambodian dish. It's recognized as a traditional dish made with fresh coconut milk.
  3. Kari sach moans- It's made with chicken, its curry is quite spicy.
  4. Prahok ktis- it contains fish, coconut cream, palm sugar, its quite delicious, and popular dish
  5. Kangkep baob- its popular street food, it's easily available on the roadside; it mainly contains frog meat, minced pork, garlic, galangal as there are many street foods, but it served as the best roadside food.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, check which nationality do you belong to for the visa required for your country; as many countries, they offer a special visa-free entry. For that information, visit the government's official website. If you are working on any platform/organization take valid information whether you require a visa (volunteer). Often, the validity period of a volunteer visa is only 12 weeks. Recently, the Cambodian embassy has started the volunteer visa process.

Currently, the Cambodian embassy has approved this visa policy. You can now easily apply for this kind of visa by filling it up with proper and valid documents.

Well, it completely depends on which country you are traveling to. For Cambodia, all travelers must have their visa and passport complete validation. If your passport/visa gets expired, you may charge a fine for it.

Yes, it can be extended, but it should be done before your visa gets expired. After the visa gets expired, you cannot apply for it.

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