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Find out how to get a Cambodian adoptee visa for a child that you might have adopted. 

The adoption and visa approval process is a complicated one, which is why it is advisable to have a trustworthy agency like tourist visa online as well as a lawyer to help you navigate through the entire process.

There are over 100 million orphan children all over the world. Owing to the environmental crisis and the looming population explosion, the decision to adopt a child is always welcome.

As a person or couple who lives in Cambodia as a citizen or holds a permanent resident, you have the option to adopt a child from your own country or any other.

Cambodia is a gorgeous South Asian country that offers an incredible amount of culture and infrastructure to raise a kid in. The country has a very good health care system as well as an education system.

There are some countries in the world where there are no special laws and regulations for newly adopted children and their visa applications. In Cambodia, the adoption process is also viewed as more of an immigration visa. 

With a Cambodian adoptee visa, the child will be able to live with his/her new parents in Cambodia legally. 

Read below to find out all about the procedure for applying for and obtaining a visa for a newly adopted child.


What is the adoptee visa?

We can begin to tell you what exactly does an adoptee mean, it is the word used to refer to a child who is adopted by people who will be his/her non-biological parents.

The visa is a legal testimony that the child will permanently reside in Cambodia with their new parents or guardians. However, they should already be citizens or residents of the country if they plan on adopting. It would also be a good idea to hire a travel agency so that they can deal with the entire transaction with the international embassy.

Adopting a child from another country is an incredibly tedious and complicated process. The parents will have to get the Cambodian adoptee visa for their child before they can even enter the country.



Just like any other visa, the parents will have to submit some documents related to the child in the visa application.

The requirements for the documents are not very dissimilar to the ones needed for a regular Cambodian immigration visa. The child might also be subjected to an interview with the authorities if they are old enough to do that.

  • The adoptee’s passport that proves his/her citizenship to the original country. It should have a cover and be valid for the next six months.
  • Two passport-sized photographs, coloured.
  • The legal papers that prove the adoption and show the entire adoption process.
  • The Bank statement and financial records of the guardians or parents proving that they are capable of raising the child.
  • The permanent address of the child in Cambodia.
  • The birth certificate of the adoptee, to prove the age.
  • Application form filled and signed.
  • Any educational details as, well as all medical records of the adoptee, will also have to be submitted.

Visas are known to be rejected often due to inadequate document submission, which is why you should always run the papers by a travel agency. They can go through it and point out the flaws that need to be fixed before the submission.



The Cambodian adoptee visa application process is the same as that of an immigration visa.

The parents or guardians can either submit the application form with the documents mentioned above, by them self or get a travel agency like tourist visa online to get it done for you.

The application should be processed and a visa obtained before the child can enter the country. You cannot apply for an e-visa in this case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the applicants have to file Cambodian adoptee visa application in the home country of the adopted child, in person from a local Cambodian embassy.

The law only has two stipulations for adoption. The people adopting should be above 18 and they should have the financial means to raise a child by themselves.

Yes, you can contact agencies like tourist visa online to get help with the Cambodian adoptee visa application as well as to get some sound legal advice.

No, the visa for adoption comes under the category of immigration visa and the parents or guardians need to fill forms for the same.

The cost of the Cambodian adoptee visa is the same as any regular immigration visa would cost you.

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