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Due to the covid-19 outbreak, many countries have closed their borders. For the safety of their citizens, including Cambodia. Cambodia has closed its borders for the safety of its citizens, the visa facility for Cambodia has been closed for tourists. Visas will be available for the tourist only at the embassy or the consulates of Cambodia abroad.

There are some countries for which the Cambodian borders are closed which are:-

  1. Vietnam 
  2. Laos
  3. Thailand

There are some of the documents that are needed for the Visa during the Covid – 19 outbreak: -


Negative report of Covid-19

The tourist requires to have a negative report of the COVID – 19. That report must be 72 hours before the arrival in the country. 

Travel insurance

The tourist requires to have travel insurance of at least $50,000 of the medical expense. 

The quarantine period is required for the tourist to travel to the country. if the person is tested positive for the COVID – 19, then the person is required to undergo a Quarantine period and so are all the people on the plane. They are required to undergo a quarantine period at the government facility. 

There was a ban on travel to Cambodia till May 21, 2020. But then the ban was lifted for some of the countries, which are:-

  1. United States
  2. Italy 
  3. Spain 
  4. France
  5. Germany 
  6. Iran 

The citizens of these countries can travel to Cambodia after May 21, 2020. The citizens of these countries can apply for a visa to Cambodia through the Embassy. The visa for the citizens of these countries can only apply through the Embassy.


There are some of the Quarantine requirements

Due to the Covid – 19 outbreak, all the tourists are required to go under the quarantine period for at least 14 days. The stay will be according to the tourist where they want to stay and where they don't want to stay. The hotels will be pre-booked and pre-selected by the tourist.

There are some of the pre – Selected hotels that are allowed for the Quarantine period which includes (Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott Phnom Penh, or Raffles Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh). The hotels that are pre-selected will charge less than the other hotels for the Quarantine period. There will be an RT PCR test on the 23rd day of the Quarantine period. There are some of the documents that are needed and some of the medical needs that are needed to be fulfilled, if not done then entry into the country will be given.

Details regarding visa extension during COVID-19 

The government of Cambodia and The Ministry of Interior’s General Department Of immigration, have decided that any person who is not registered for the Foreigners Present in Cambodia System(FPSC), will not get the visa extensions. 

There is a facility for the tourist who has arrived using a short-term visa after 1st January 2020. The fines of these citizens will be waived off and they will be given visa extensions, so that the tourist don’t require to go to the immigration office. 

The visa will be renewed without any extension charges and the fines will be waived off.   The person just needs to visit the immigration office or they can contact the immigration officials.  The tourist doesn’t require to visit the immigration office for the stamp of the country that can be done at the normal immigration channels.

Visa on arrival facility 

The visa on arrival facility is given only to some of the countries and their citizens, not to every citizen. The tourist must require to have the 72 hours RT PCR test report to travel to the country. This certificate must be from an authorized medical practitioner that will be checked and will prove that the report is true. 

The tourist also should carry proof of the medical insurance that will be more than $50,000 for medical cover. The evidence of the same will be in color format otherwise it won’t be accepted. The tourist is advised not to get checked through NHS testing service to facilitate your travel to the country, this will be arranged and the tourist is advised for a private test for proper readings. 

On arrival at the airport

Some certain rules and regulations are needed to be fulfilled, otherwise, entry into the country will not be given. Tourists traveling to Cambodia must undergo this procedure for their safety from the COVID – 19 outbreak. 


Testing and screening on arrival 

This is a must for all the passengers traveling to Cambodia, all the passengers traveling to Cambodia must undergo a COVID – 19 test. They are required to undergo a test before coming to Cambodia. 

Arrivals on Type – E or Type – C visa 

The tourist carrying Type – E or Type – C visa is required to have $ 2000 per traveler, which must be deposited on the arrival for Quarantine. 

Health measures imposed charges

The government imposes charges for the medical testing and the medical treatment that is given to the tourist.

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