Cambodia visa for cruise ship passengers

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Cambodia has always been one of the most popular destinations for tourism as the country offers a lot more than just popular tourism to its tourists. you can enjoy visiting the famous tourist spots, the cuisine, diverse culture, beautiful places of nature and even the ancient traditions.

 So, if you feel like taking a holiday at a place that has it all to attract you towards it with its vibrant beauty, then Cambodia is the best place for you to visit.

Cambodia even has 300 miles that are 443 kilometers of long coastline which is the home to the very famous Mekong Delta. This famous coastline is the reason why Cambodia is considered to be popular for its terminals for cruise ships for its tourists. It is very often noticed that many trips and tours on cruise ships stop in Cambodia near the Mekong Delta. 

These tours provide the tourist to explore around the country which is a large part of a much larger Southeast Asian itinerary. These cruise tours, let alone providing the best luxury to its tourists, gives them a golden opportunity to explore and travel around a place that is very beautiful and exceptionally generous, and kind to its guests. They can explore the famous Mekong Delta and enjoy the beauty of its coastline. 

There are very few countries that have the exceptional luxury of their people to be allowed to travel and explore Cambodia without a visa. This is the main reason why most of the people traveling around even on a cruise ship are required to have a valid visa for Cambodia to travel to the country. 

Through this article, you will be made well aware of all the necessary detailed information that you need to know regarding your necessary documents and your important visa requirements if you wish to travel to Cambodia on a cruise ship as a foreign tourist. 


Cambodia Visa requirements for cruise passengers :

All the cruise members wishing to travel to Cambodia have to have a tourist visa mentioning their visit to Cambodia for tourism purposes. Only the cruise member who already holds a passport issued by the government of Cambodia is not required to have a visa.

 A traveler belonging to a country where the visa for traveling to Cambodia is not required for its citizens as per allowed by the Cambodian government will be allowed to travel around the country of Cambodia on a cruise ship without needing a special specific visa for the same.  

Since there can be many reasons for a person to travel to Cambodia on a cruise ship like for tourism purposes or even for business purposes, Cambodia offers several different types of visas for the people wishing to travel to the country on a cruise ship. However, it's been noticed that most of the people wishing to travel to Cambodia on a cruise ship majorly opt for a tourist visa for the same. 


Visa on arrival in Cambodia:

Cambodia being the country with a large number of tourists visiting the country every year for exploring around offers a lot of different opportunities and ways for the convenience of its visitors in obtaining the visa for tourism in the country. Foreign tourists are even provided with an opportunity to acquire a visa on arrival to an eligible port from where you can obtain a visa for Cambodia once you reach the country. But unfortunately, if you wish to travel to Cambodia on a cruise ship then this facility of obtaining a visa on your arrival in the country is unavailable.

To travel to the country on a cruise ship, all the tourists are required to apply for a visa and obtain a visa for traveling to Cambodia on a cruise ship before their travel. to the country.  Thus, all the holidaymakers planning on a cruise trip to Cambodia, please do obtain a visa before you travel to the country as you will be denied entry without a visa in Cambodia.


E Visa to Cambodia for cruise passengers:

Obtaining a visa for Cambodia is a very easy process. You don’t have to stand in long queues for hours to obtain a visa now. You can apply for your visa online now and obtain an e-Visa.  The visa allows all the tourists to stay in Cambodia for a duration of a maximum of 30 days and the process is also very simple and takes hardly 10 minutes. 

Unfortunately, the visa is not valid for people wishing to travel to Cambodia on a cruise ship. So to travel to Cambodia by sea, you need to apply for a visa in an old-fashioned way. You need a paper visa and then only you will be considered eligible to travel to Cambodia. 

If you wish to travel to Cambodia by land or air and then start your cruise trip from Cambodia, then your visa will be valid for your travel from your native land to Cambodia through land or air. 

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