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A Cambodia cruise ship visa isn’t as simple as you might be thinking, this may come along with some hardship one might face while going through the visa procedures.  Before you pack your bags and hop on the next ship over, make sure you know all the details about getting one of these visas before your trip. A Cruise ship passenger who is planning to visit Cambodia by boat should apply for a visa through the Embassy of Cambodia in Phnom Penh airport. It is recommended that you contact the embassy for more information on visa application and processing times, as well as any other details pertinent to your situation. Unless the travellers hold a passport issued by the authorities of Cambodia or by one of the visa-free nations, cruise passengers need to obtain a visa to go ashore. However, there are various kinds of visa facilities available for Cambodian cruise ship visa types, which makes it more comfortable for foreigners to choose the preferable visa type. But most probably, a huge percentage of travellers of Cambodia prefer tourist visas to enjoy the weather along with the beauty of the seashore. Go through the article to check out the cruise visa service of a Cambodian cruise ship.



The online visa or electronic visa facility of the Cambodia visa cannot be used in the Southeast Asian nation as well as for applying for the cruise ship. In simple words, we can sum up by saying that the travellers who wish to travel to Cambodia can have to go with the traditional methodology of the visa process.


  • Cruise visas can be easily obtained by any visa company or cruise companies that generally go with a tourism package. However, the procedures start with providing sufficient important information to the cruise operator. The overall service is often more expensive.
  • The traveller also hereby goes with the simple and cost-friendly option of choosing a consultant and following the general procedures. 
  • The travellers can also contact various embassies and get the details, the embassy of Cambodia is government-funded and will always provide correct information. However, the chances of rejections and processing time may take longer than usual. 



  • A valid passport of 6 month
  • A guidebook for the travellers and other essential information and plans regarding the trip.
  • An authorised letter from the organisation (you are currently working on) which rectifies  your responsibilities in the company, salary slip and duration of the employment  
  • Vaccination certificate by a doctor in general.

a letter from the headquarters of the organisations your seaman's book.

  •  income tax return.
  • A  ticket to the cruise ship of Cambodia. The passport should be similar to the ticket. 
  •  Details of banks. This is usually done to check out the capability of the traveller to take charge of their expenses. 

Submitting false documentation is strictly forbidden. Any type of fraud or deception might result in permanent visa rejection. If you want to keep your documents private, bring them to the  Embassy or Consulate in a sealed envelope. The information will not be shared with anybody and will be kept confidential by the Embassy or Consulate.



A Cambodia cruise ship visa can make or break your vacation, and it’s all in the details! If you want to make sure that you’re prepared and enjoy your experience in Cambodia, we recommend taking this Cambodia cruise ship visa guide seriously. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about this important document and how to find one that works best for you and your itinerary. We also cover common mistakes that many tourists make when applying, and how to avoid them to get an easy-to-obtain Cambodia visa, whether it’s a single entry or multiple entry Cambodia visas!

When you book a Cambodia cruise, you’ll want to make sure that you have your visa arranged in advance. In order to gain access to the ship, you’ll need to obtain your visa from the Cambodian embassy in your home country and present it upon arrival at the port of Sihanoukville, where the ship will be waiting for you. This process can seem intimidating and confusing, but we’ve put together this guide to help explain how Cambodian cruise ship visas work and how you can obtain one for yourself or your group of friends or family members.

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