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Ever thought of travelling to Cambodia being a citizen of another country. A yes!  No matter what a green card holder of another country may desire to travel to Cambodia to meet friends, or medical requirements or business purposes for which one may need a tourist visa. However, a Cambodian visa for a green card holder has various types of visa facilities and also provides e-visa service, which means one can easily apply for a visa without any problem. To know how to make this service activated, read this article.



A Cambodian visa program interprets how the permanent resident of another country who needs to travel to Cambodia can make a visa within the required documents. In which the travellers travelling to Cambodia wish to enter a visa to enter the country and stay there for a short period. There are several visas granted for various nationalities, times, objectives and reasons to stay. However, Cambodia also has an online visa service, called E-visa service. The Cambodia visa can also be used to visit Cambodia as a tourist, which also allows the tourist to spend a month in the Southeast Asian nation. The immigrants from 10-12  countries are restricted from obtaining but can easily try for a visa on arrival in Cambodia. For a visa on arrival for Cambodia, one must make sure to have all kinds of provisions to get fulfilled at the border. The QE on the board for the visa of the green card holders of a few counties might get exhausting, due to long queues. 

Similarly, if a person is supposed to apply for a visa programme in the Cambodia embassy or any kind of public outdoor service. This visa is granted for short-term stays for tourism, receiving documents, shipping etc. 


Here are some Cambodia visa for green card holders requirements, once should be specific  

A 6-month valid passport, which is issued by the state. The international passport must have an entry date in Cambodia specified. A photo of the candidate from 12 months ago. International approved credit or debit card. This can also be 

  • The visa application form should be duly signed by the candidate and filled in with all the correct statements.
  • Proof of the return air ticket information
  • Travel insurance is to be done beforehand. The insurance of the travel must be acceptable and working throughout the stay. 
  • The Income-tax return was filed for the last 3 to 4 years of the green cardholder.
  • A bank statement of a green card holder, with a stamp and has a bank seal on it. It should be updated for a maximum of 6 month



The E visa or electronic visa of Cambodia permits the immigrants to arrive in Southeast Asian countries, including Cambodia, for tourism. Similarly, other citizens of other countries are also suitable for the Cambodian visa. But the traveller must fulfil certain criteria such as a passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months and should have at least one blank page to obtain authorizations upon entrance to and depart from Cambodia. This allows visitors to stay in Cambodia for 30 days, but if a person wants to re-enter the country he/she has to apply for a visa. A Cambodia eVisa for the green card holder is printed twice by the agency or embassy and the visitors who wish are advised to keep the  2 printed copies with them, all times while in the country. 


Once a green card holder wishes to extend the visa, it can be extended after 30 days. However, the process and terms are similar and may take the same as it took easier. If you have a 30-day tourist visa, you can extend it once for an additional 30 days for A REASONABLE FEES. 

If a green card holder wants to travel to Cambodia, they can easily apply for a tourist visa online. TVO offers tourist visas for Cambodia at a very reasonable rate of 61.0USD with quicker processing. It offers a processing service of 5-10 days, whereas another service provides 10-11 days. 



Cambodia is no doubt a better place to visit, a green holder may desire to spend a few days in Cambodia. One can easily travel to Cambodia with a green card from another country. The procedures and requirements provided in the article help you to figure out all the norms and regulations and also provide you with a no1 visa service provider. TVO is considered the best visa service for its millions of perks. No wonder it has reached 2m + applications and has 200+ countries visas available. The processing time is fast and quicker than any other company with minimum rejection and a 100% success rate. So that makes you stop, a green card holder can go for the service and enjoy its perk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the straight and simple ways to extend your Cambodian visa, you should reach out to us, we also help to extend the visa 

For extending a visa, here are the following steps mentioned with the list of  documents needed for a Cambodia visa  are 

The process starts with acknowledging all the paperwork within 3-10 working days submitted by the candidate.  The time of processing the application may become a little longer than usual during the holidays. The one who is in a hurry should start the process by interacting with us a month ago to ignore the delay.

You’ll need:

  • A valid passport of 6 months of availability. 
  • A blank page of the passport of the green card holderer.
  • The processing visas fee and visa fee, in any authentic card or bank.
  • Any additional documentation is required for your visa extension type, such as a letter of employment etc.
  • And a required visa costs multiple entries which depend on green card holders on various services. However, TVO believes in providing a reasonable fee of 0 with the customers with 0 agents fee, the only required fee is the whole visa fee and the processing charges.
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