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Cambodia has recently made changes to its visa regulations and has decided to make Cambodia an investor-friendly country. Cambodia has now announced that it will be offering permanent residency visas to people who invest in certain projects and bring jobs and revenue to Cambodia. 

And if you would like to live and settle in a different country, you might be considering moving to Cambodia and if so, you might be considering the Cambodia investor visa. Whether it is the case, you may be asking how to obtain it. This article will go through how to apply for a Cambodia investor visa.


What is the Cambodia investor visa?

Cambodia investor visa is an investment visa, it helps the investors who wish to settle in Cambodia. If you have an investment project that you are applying for, you need to show that you have an exit strategy and that you intend to invest the capital at least in one year. 

For example, if you would like to set up a restaurant business, you would need to prove that you will be investing the capital within a year of that date.

Moreover, if you have an investment project and are applying for the Cambodia investor visa, you will need to work with an investor in your country that has one of the main categories that are currently considered investment-ready.

What are the advantages of obtaining a Cambodian investor visa?

The Cambodia investor visa is the Kingdom of Cambodia's most popular visa. It was introduced a before few years to create an additional benefit for investors to enter Cambodia. The investor visa enables the investor to stay in the country for three months for each investment, with the option to extend their stay, provided they maintain their investment, and allows investors to travel visa-free to Cambodia. 

This visa is mainly for investors who wish to travel to the country and invest in its economy. 

To get a  Cambodia investor visa, investors will need to prove that they have a certain amount of funds in a Cambodian bank. Additionally, they will have to show that they have a business plan that is related to Cambodia's economic development. 


How to Apply for a Cambodia Investor Visa

Cambodia has recently introduced a new visa for foreign investors that are looking to either start a new business or buy an existing business in Cambodia. 

The Cambodia Investor Visa offers foreign investors a wide range of incentives, including the ability to apply for citizenship after 5 years of successful business ownership, and the business owners who are looking for a new way to reduce their tax rate may be interested in a Cambodia investor visa.

There are various investor visas available to people who want to invest in Cambodia. This is based on your individual needs and the types of investments you want to make.

And if you can have this visa by investing in Cambodia so after a year of having this visa, you can apply for permanent residency. It's an option that some ex-pats should pursue.

What is the requirement for the Cambodia investor visa?

To get an investor visa, the applicant must have to invest in investment funds. Moreover, the investment funds must originate from a regulated financial institution registered in Cambodia. 

This same money must be paid in cash in the applicant's name.

The payments must be transferred to a Cambodian bank account in the applicant's name.

The funds must be available for transfer at any time and the applicant may only withdraw the funds after the investor visa has been issued and the funds must be maintained in the account for three years.

But before applying for the Cambodia investor visa, you have to take the required documents such as; passport with at least 6 months of validity, 3 passport size photos, a confirmed air ticket, proof of receipt of visa application, and a completed application form. 

What is the Process of the Cambodia investor visa?

The investor visa process in Cambodia is relatively simple for investors that are interested in opening a business in the country. It takes about two months for the process to be completed if all of the necessary paperwork is in order. There are several types of visas for different purposes, but the investor visa is usually the best one to get for most people.

However, this process has two parts, such as; a standard visa for those entering a new business, and a special visa for those who will be working with an existing business. 

Perhaps the ordinary visa is intended for those with a million dollars to invest in a business. With a minimal amount of paperwork involved, the money is immediately available to the business. 

And the special visa is for those that have a million dollars to invest as well as a million dollars to invest in a business for five years. This visa is a slightly bigger investment but also grants a faster option for pursuing a work visa.



But, if you want to invest in Cambodia, you have a variety of alternatives. It is simple if you are staying or setting up a business in Cambodia and you will enjoy a low cost of living and a beautiful climate. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any doubts so you can take a guide from here.

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