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Ever thought of travelling to Cambodia being a citizen of another country. A yes!  No matter what a green card holder of another country may desire to travel to Cambodia to meet friends, or medical requirements or business purposes for which one may need a tourist visa. However, a Cambodian visa for a green card holder has various types of visa facilities and also provides e-visa service, which means one can easily apply for a visa without any problem. To know how to make this service activated, read this article.


What is a multiple entry visa?

A Multiple-Entry Visa is a  type of visa which permits the holder of the visa to enter the country multiple times and stay in the country within the given period. The holder of this means the visa holder of a multiple entry visa type is allowed to enter the country he/she desires and then again return to their respective home country and then can also again return to the visa country, for as much time as they want. These visas are also called multiple-entry visas which are valid for only a specific period of a minimum of 6 o 12 months, and a maximum of 24 months. However, the visa holders must not exceed the total number of entries, which are allotted on their visas. It should be taken as a concern that the validity period of the multiple visa service starts from the date the visa was issued. 


How to apply for  Cambodia Visa multiple visa type 

Here are the lists to be noted, from where one can apply for Cambodia multiple visa types.

  •  Through Online mode or e-visa of Cambodia. in which one can only enter through specific field airports and borders of the country.
  • Get a Visa On arrival at a border and airport. 
  •  Embassy of Cambodia abroad.


The requirement for Cambodia multiple entry visa 

  • return ticket of flight.
  • pay the required visa fees payments through any mode, either online or cash. While associating with the Cambodian Embassy, submit all required documents that the visa authorities require, such as personal letters and cover letters etc.
  • However, one who is having a visa is not assured of entry to the country. Immigration officers evaluate all the papers and documents, whether to permit to immigrate to the country or not.
  • Therefore, when a person re-enters Cambodia, the travellers requested  to submit the documents for the extension of  ordinary visa and hinging on the classification of the extension of the visa, such as
  •  employment agreement
  •  confirmation of registration in a Cambodian institute 
  • work permit card
  •  Certificate of employment
  •  Affirming a  position
  •  salary slip 
  •  holiday duration.
  • Photographs 
  • A passport which is legal for  6months
  • Cards for fees 
  • Hotel reservation documents 
  • Visa application form.

Apply Cambodia Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the visitors will prefer a visa for you to Cambodia, including the infants and children and also belong to an "ASEAN" country, which has passports from countries like  Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines

These countries are exempt from a visa to enter Cambodia for a time between 14 and 30 days depending on the country.

However,  if a person is from countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,  Sudan, are not preferable for the visa on arrival and multiple visas for Cambodia. Although all but citizens of the country Nigeria can apply for the online mode of the e-visa service, which has a minimum of 20 working days. In particular, one individual wants a return ticket as well as a sponsor letter or letter of invitation from an employer and organization.

The processing time of the visa can take up to 7 working days once the application is complete and all documents have been provided.

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