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The process of visa getting a visa for students, is never easy for a student. They have to go through long procedures, for the same. But the process of getting a student visa in Cambodia is relatively easy. As this process won’t take much time.

Cambodia has some excellent universities, that offer the best education. Students from all around the globe, as Cambodia is famous for its colleges and schools and their education. If you want to study in one of these universities, then you need to follow all these steps.

When you are going to attend college in Cambodia. It will be an adventure for you, it will more interesting for you being a foreign student. As a foreign student, you will get to learn about their culture and lifestyle. Many students went to Cambodia for studying being a foreign student and they have told their experiences.

It depends on the nationality of the international student, as the visa requirements are different for every nationality.

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Requirements for a student visa in Cambodia 

Cambodia visa

The student who wishes to travel to Cambodia needs to obtain a Cambodia visa. so they need a Cambodia visa to facilitate entry and get in the country hassle-free.

Authorized ports

The students, who travel for a student visa. they need to enter in the authorized entry ports only.

Valid passport

The student must carry a valid passport, that must not be expired so they can enter the country hassle-free.

Declare the name of the institution

The students have to declare the name of the institution, and the date of their stay.

Designated immigration office

The student has to go to the designated immigration office, and they have to obtain a visa for the same. 

It is highly advised that the students must consulate the embassy or the consulate for more details on the visa requirements of the student visa. there are few countries, for them getting a student visa is far more difficult for them as compared to others.

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For a minimum, the person will need a return ticket and a letter from the sponsor. Letter of invitation from the employer or the organization, this is for the people who are not traveling for academic purposes.

Sometimes, some African citizens are denied the visa, although they are technically eligible for the Cambodian visa. There is a slight possibility for this also.

What are the qualifications for a person to get a student visa in Cambodia? 

There are few documentation that needed to be presented for the student visa:-

Letter of Acceptance

This is the letter from the university, that will confirm that the student is being offered to study in the full-time course. This letter of acceptance will be from a recognized educational institution.

Bank statement

The candidates must provide them with, evidence that they have enough money or funds, that can help them to support their country.

Fees payment

This means that the candidates must show that that, they have paid their fees in full. They are capable of paying their college fees.

Medical insurance

The candidate must be covered with private medical insurance. They must carry documentary proof or evidence that proofs the same.

Return to their own country

That the candidate should have the intention of returning to their own country. after their study is over in Cambodia or after the end of their study period.

Law-abiding citizens

all the students, that are traveling to Cambodia should respect their laws. They should oblige with the national immigration laws, guidelines, and formalities.

Government-approved Institution

The students who are going to Cambodia should only apply at the government-approved Institution. These institutions must be licensed approved training Institutions.

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Top universities in Cambodia

In Cambodia, some popular universities are great overall. Here are the top 10 Cambodian Universities that are ranked in the 2021 Cambodian University Ranking, as they are meeting the uniRank selection criteria.

  • Being licensed, chartered by the Cambodian higher Education related organization
  • These universities must provide them with 4-year undergraduate degrees or post-graduate degrees.
  • These universities’ should be giving education traditionally or non-distance education format. 

The top 10 universities are:-  



Town they are in


 Royal University of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh



Institution of technology of Cambodia

Phnom Penh



Paññasstra University of Cambodia

Phnom Penh



École royale a’administration

Phnom Penh



The University of Cambodia

Phnom Penh



University of Puthisastra

Phnom Penh



Western University, Cambodia

Phnom Penh



Royal University of Agriculture

Phnom Penh



Royal university of law and economics

Phnom Penh



Paragon international university

Phnom Penh



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