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Although there is specifically no such thing as a teaching English in Cambodia visa, however, you can do so by getting a business visa for 30 days.

If you want to teach English, volunteer or do anything that will be considered a service then you will have to get a work permit. The applicant has to fulfil a two-step process after which they will be eligible to start working with the company.

There are some great travel agencies like tourist visa online which will help you get the business visa as well as guide you through the work permit application.

Volunteering and teaching jobs are good ways to travel the world without having to spend a lot of money. Several organisations offer programs that invite English teachers from different parts of the world to teach somewhere else. Cambodia is a country in Asia with beautiful coasts and beaches. It offers many breath-taking natural sites to its tourists. 

You can go around the capital city or any countryside places to see the magnificent ruined temples, glittering palaces etc. There are also art museums that display relics and artefacts dating back thousands of years. 

Enjoy the local food, beaches and atmosphere on the weekends and work as an English teacher in between. Continue reading below to find out more about the teaching English in Cambodia visa.



In order to even apply for the visa, and begin teaching you need to be qualified enough to do the job.

  • The applicant must be fluent in English and should have studied it at high school, college level.
  • If you are looking for a position in a University then you will probably need at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • If you have a certificate or diploma for English teaching then it can provide you with an upper hand.

If you do not have the right qualifications and still want to visit Cambodia then there are other volunteer positions also available at many organisations. Travel agencies like tourist visa online can help you with finding the perfect job for you.



Here is a list of the documents that you will have to submit both at the Cambodia business visa and work permit application process.

  • A passport valid for the next six months.
  • Proof of identification as well as nationality.
  • 2-3 passport-sized photographs coloured.
  • The application form filled and signed.
  • Details of all your travel arrangements, such as an address, places you will visit, information about the return flight ticket.
  • The hiring or an offer letter from the host organisation providing you with the teaching English in Cambodia visa
  • Health and travel insurance documents.
  • An order form of travisa.

It is advisable that you run the documents by your agent at tourist visa online in order to avoid getting rejected later.

Depending on the kind of organisation you choose to work with ad how strict they are with their volunteers, there might be a check for any criminal background.

If you do have any priors it would be better to disclose them at the time of the interview for the teaching English in Cambodia visa and state the reason, if it isn’t something serious.


Work permit

Lastly, once you have secured the business visa to Cambodia you can move on to applying for a work permit. The application will have to be submitted to the Ministry of Employment and Labour either via your travel agency or the local embassy of your country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a single entry Teaching English in Cambodia visa, the cost will be over $40.

The cost of living in the country while teaching can be anywhere from $500 to $1000 depending on the level of lifestyle you are maintaining.

You can find many private and public organisations as well as NGOs that work in different parts of the world and offer programs for teaching English. If you think you are qualified for the job, then apply for a Cambodia business visa and get started.

Yes, the official immigration website will send you an email and if you applied with a help of a travel agency like tourist visa online, then you can of avail their visa tracking services.

Yes, the business visa for Cambodia will only let you stay for about 30 days initially, however, it might be extended depending on your situation. 

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