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To enter Cambodia, all foreign citizens must obtain an entry visa from a Cambodian Embassy or Consulate before coming to Cambodia. The new e-Visa system is a simple and convenient way for tourists to obtain a visa ahead of their arrival in Cambodia. However, in the case one needs an urgent E-visa to travel to Cambodia, one must refer to this article to get a brief idea about all the information. Check out to know more on our official website Tourist Visa Online.


The benefit of choosing an e-visa for Cambodia in a time of urgency

now the tourists don’t have to be worried about the long queues and visa tension.  One can now easily apply for their travel authorisation and from any location that is suitable for them. The one and only thing that really matters is that the traveller does have Internet access to browse the page. Using the digital visa system allows every individual to avoid airport queues, delays and rush.  Because the process is quick, safe, and very well planned, you will easily acquire your visa before entering Cambodia. An e-visa can only be used because it is single entrance permission. Each and every additional demand at the time of border crossing demands a new application. You are eligible to apply for you can apply for an e-visa even a few days before your trip. If you're not sure how to secure a Cambodia E-visa, you may also contact the customer service department for help. This platform provides a quick and easy way to get an E-visa in only a few minutes. It is recommended that you read the acknowledgements in the PDF file (an eVisa), double-check all information, and print two copies of the issued document. However, while applying for an e-visa If your flight departs within the next 72 hours, they consider calling them immediately by phone to expedite the process. Also, it's worth mentioning that, though we support legal entities, we have no affiliation with the Cambodian government. The traveller can contact the customer service department via the registered phone number or email at any moment during the application procedure.

However, Make sure to print the e-visa you received through email and carry it with you when you travel.


Here are the Requirements for the e- visa for the urgent Cambodia visa, check out to know more 

  • With a few exceptions, visas are available to citizens of any country.
  • When visiting Cambodia, an e-visa may only be used once, and you will need to submit a new application on your next visit.
  • The visa for Cambodia should be valid for three months, starting on the day of approval.
  • After the travellers get an entry date,  the travellers can continue the stay for a maximum of thirty (30) days in a row.
  • Passports of Cambodian citizens must be valid for at least six months while arriving in Cambodia.
  • 2 blank pages should be included in the passports of the Cambodian citizens, which will be stamped by the immigration official.
  • The e-Visa is not accepted and eligible at all border crossings.



Who is eligible for a Cambodia visa?

  • Those with diplomatic passports can travel freely.
  • Those who hold official passports
  • Those who hold spouse or parent-endorsed passports
  • Those who hold international travel documents

 can be made in the embassy or relevant administrative office that deals with immigration (in your country)

A-z about e-visa 

 Here are a few important points, Cambodia urgent e-visa system.

 Can  be made in the embassy or relevant administrative office that deals with immigration (in your country)

The e-visa can be used within 3 months of being issued by the department.

If you postpone the flight for more than 2 months, you'll be needing a new e-visa urgently. 



This is a one of a kind opportunity for you to visit Cambodia with an urgent visa. The TVO official website will guide you through the process and provide reference materials. There are many great countries in Asia to visit, so why not choose Cambodia?

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