Canada Visa Types

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One of the best migration places? No doubt it is Canada! This is why you can find various types of Canada visa options all set for you to select from! Getting a lot of options is sure a good thing as you can choose all of your hearts’ content! This is the biggest reason as to why a lot of people would love going to Canada. 

Honestly speaking, who wouldn’t love going to Canada? This place with its unique features has become the hub of tourism. It has both the highest amounts of domestic as well as international tourism industries! It was estimated that in 206 about 17.4 billion US dollars were brought into the country just by the enhancement of this tourism and the numbers have been ever-increasing! With national parks and historical sites that adorn this country, you can find almost all of the tourists from around the world just flooding in! This has to lead to immense development in the visa industry as well. This is due to the various opportunities left out to citizens from around to get a view of this place. Now it is your turn to take a look at the options and choose one carefully!

Types of Canada visas available:


1. Canada skilled working visa:

This visa is given to those individuals who want to make their dream come true. If an individual has sufficient education and qualification along with work experience, then the person can go to Canada to enhance their careers. This work visa is issued under the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) which helps Canadian employers find workers who are not from Canada. This visa, however, needs the foreigner to hold a verified work permit and a job offer before they plan to go to Canada. For this, a person needs to know the two types of work permits. They can be given as follows:

  • Open work permits
  • Employer specific work permits.

2. Canada business visa:

This visa is for entrepreneurs or other individuals who would like to extend their business in Canada. This is however only given to those individuals who are highly qualified. This business visa will allow the foreigner to enter Canada and stay for a short while. It is to be noted that under no circumstances can a person have a business visa and undertake work in Canada. This is prohibited and there will be fines applicable. As far as for work the individuals who come to Canada will have to hold a work permit. The following tasks can be carried out once a foreigner is in Canada on a business visa:

  • Attend a business based seminar
  • Have investments in Canada
  • Grow business in Canada
  • Have good business relations in Canada

Apart from the above-mentioned details, the business visa does not allow individuals to carry out any other tasks.

3. Canada family visa:

Those citizens of Canada who have family living any of the international countries can avail of this visa. This visa holds the Canadian citizen as a sponsor for the family members. When the Canadian citizen becomes a sponsor, it means that the Canadian citizen will be taking care of the family members and all of the other responsibilities along with it. The citizen must, however, have a permanent residency card issued to him or her to get a hold of this visa. Well, now due to the Canadian government encouraging the family reunions there are various types of visas that a family can get hold of! They can be given as follows:

  • Spouse visa
  • Dependent child visa
  • Common-law partner visa
  • Conjugal partner visa
  • Family-based provincial nominee visa
  • Remaining relative visa
  • Parent and grandparent super visa
  • Family sponsor visa

All of the above visa options can be used based on whom you wish to take to Canada. There should also be proof given to be able to get these visas. Just claiming to be family of the resident won’t get you the visa. Like for the spouse visa, you might have to show the valid marriage certificate, only then the visa can be issued. Similarly, for the child visa for which the submission of a birth certificate or an id card would be required to be submitted.

4. Canada student visa:

With a lot of studying opportunities in Canada, a lot of students have been aspiring to go to Canada to continue their studies and this is possible only if the students get a Canadian student visa which allows the students to stay for as much as they want for the education. The colleges and schools in Canada are also considered to be the best among those already there in the world! However, getting a visa is not that easy as there are some requirements that should be met. The requirements can be given as follows:

  • The students must take an exam called IELTS and must have a minimum score of passing to get the visa.
  • There must be a letter which shows the acceptance into the school of the college.
  • Proof of financial conditions must be provided.
  • Must appear for an interview on request and must also give medical exams if asked for.

5. Canada temporary resident visa:

A temporary resident visa is given for those foreigners who wish to go to Canada to stay for a short while. This visa being temporary allows only a short stay, unlike the permanent one. This visa can be issued for any sort of purpose may it be for any business or any personal purpose. The foreigner can also choose from other options of the temporary visa which will be for a single entry or multiple entries. This can be chosen according to the times you want to exit and re-enter as the number of entries is different in both cases.  There must be some requirements that must be followed so that the eligibility of the foreigner to gain a visa can be understood.

The requirements can be given as follows:

  • Must possess a passport that is valid and should have all the required travel documents.
  • There must be a medical certificate that claims that the foreigner who is to apply has passed all of the medical exams.
  • Must contain any sort of criminal record
  • Must have proof of financial statements.
  • Clear all of the interview levels which will be conducted by the immigration office.

This visa can be of the validity of six months and this the least you can get, otherwise, the visa can go for up to 10 years validity or about one month before your passport reaches expiration date. This visa is one of the most wanted visas among all of the foreigners. 

Apart from the above main five types, there are other types which include the following:

6. Canada transit visa: 

This visa is for those nationals of other countries who will be transiting through Canada to go about to the desired destination. This visa, unlike the other visa, is free of cost visa. This visa is also devoid of any hard processes. This visa is only valid for 48 hours and if you are to stay in Canada for a while longer than that you might have to take a visitor visa which will allow entry into the country. A transit visa is to be taken even if the transit is through a seaport or any other port for that matter.

7. Canada tourist visa or visitor visa:

This is the same as the temporary residence visa and will have validity for 180 days on a single entry. 

Based on the number of entries there can also be two types of Canada visas. They can be given as follows:

Multiple entries:

This multiple-entry Canada visa will let you get into Canada no matter how many times you exit the country. This means you can re-enter once you exit. You can get a visa with 180 days validity that is of multiple entries if you want to stay temporarily in Canada.

Single entry: 

This Canada single entry visa will allow entry only one time. This will not be a beneficial visa for you if you desire to exit and re-enter the country at various times. During the following conditions a single entry visa can be good:

  • A single time program which means a marriage of some friend or some other one time visits.
  • An emergency condition which has led to a single entry into the country.

In this case, if you exit once, you can never re-enter on the same visa. So that means if you wish to re-enter you might as well apply for a new visa.


Q. Which types of visas will be suitable for me as ill be soon shifting to Canada and living there for a short while?

A temporary resident visa which has a multi-entry option will be the best choice. This visa can be valid from 6 months to about 10 years or about one month until your passport expires.

Q. Is it okay if I take a work visa and stay for about 6 months in Canada?

A work visa allows a stay of about one year so yes if the stay is for 6 months you can surely take a work visa.

Q. What if I have taken a temporary residence visa and have changed my address in Canada?

You will have to inform the nearest Canada visa office about the change in the address or phone number as soon as possible.

Now that you have a whole idea of the types of Canada visa options, you can carry on with the application without a trouble of worrying about which one will be the best.

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