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Nigerian Citizens do not require to apply for Cape Verde Visa. All the visitors from Nigeria who holds original and valid Nigerian Passport can travel to Cape Verde without Visa. The " free Visa " validity allows the Nigerian Citizens to stay and visit the country for 90 days. It is the opportunity and additional benefits for Nigerian Visitors before for visiting Cape Verde.

The travel document will allow the traveler to stay in the country for 30 days or one month period. After , 30 days they have to apply for Cape Verde Visa.

Important Documents Required  to Visit Cape Verde from Nigeria:

  • Pre- arrival Registration form - Although , Cape Verde is the "Visa free " Country for Nigerian Visitors. But , all the visitors from Nigeria have to pre -  register  for travel document by submitting EASE form . EASE (Efficient, Automatic and Safe Entry) allows the tourists from Nigeria to visit Cape Verde for vacations. Tourists have to submit the pre Arrival form before the five days of reaching their destination in Cape Verde.
  • Passport - Visitors Nigerian Passport for the identity and nationality proof. Make sure that you are not using passport which do not have validity fir 6 months . Use your valid and original passport. Ensure that at least 2 pages are blank for stamping at the immigration points.
  • TSA - TSA is the Cape Verde Airport security tax. It is taken in exchange of all the services and benefits you will recieve in your flights and at the airport. It is necessary to pay airport security tax . You have to pay  37 USD . There are two ways to pay Cape Verde Airport security tax . You can pay it at the immigration points ik the airport or you can also pay it online while registration.
  • Return Tickets - To verify and for confirmation.
  • Funds - So , you may not face any difficulty in the country for food and accommodation.

If the visitors from Nigeria is applying for tourist visa  then they can apply on tourist Visa online.

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Cape Verde e Visa Requirements:

  • Passport : Upload the bio page of your passport . Original passport with 6 months validity.
  • Photo : Upload your scanned photo.
  • Hotel bookings details
  • Travel details
  • Debit or credit card.

Steps to apply for Cape Verde Visa online.

  • Apply for tourist visa  on Tourist Visa Online .
  • Nigerian citizens have to fill the basic information first.
  • Then , fill the application form with correct information so you don't face any issue for your visa approval.
  • Click on submit button.
  • Pay your Cape Verde visa fee with Debit or credit card which is 50.0 USD . Fill correct card details and right amount .
  • Keep monitoring your visa status .
  • Processing time is between 7 to 9 days. The processing fee is 26.0USD
  • You will get your approved visa through your registered e mail ID.

Download your e Visa and take out the print for future use. You should carry other documents also while traveling to Cape Verde.

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde is situated in Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde is a beautiful island surrounded with 10 volcanos and it is famous for its wild life , bio diversity , beaches , hiking places,sea ports,  environment and natural beauty. Cape Verde is the safe and pleasant place to visit for tourists. The official language of Cape Verde is Portugese. But , in famous tourist spots and hotels you can communicate in English.

Conclusion :  

Visiting Cape Verde is a good idea because it's a decent place for traveling. If you are Nigerian Citizens planning to visit Cape Verde  than you can apply for Cape Verde visa for Nigeria with less efforts at tourist visa online.

Apply Cape Verde Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No , Children who are below two  years do not necessarily required to submit pre Arrival registeration application form to visit Cape Verde.

No, it's important that you have 6 months validity passport regardless of the time period you will be staying in Cape Verde and your flight return tickets.

The validity of Cape Verde Visa for Nigerian citizens is 30 days.

Tourist visa allows person to travel to other Country for vacations and leisure purposes.

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