Cape Verde Visa for Pakistanis

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Cape Verde is another tourist attraction spot. It is also known as Capo Verde and it is mainly famous for ecotourism, its wonderful beaches and its rich wildlife. There is a place called Fogo where the highest Pico de fogo lies. It is also home to the stratovolcano. The place Deserto de Vienna is famous for its massiveness and beauty. The famous Sotavento islands are the best place where you can relax and also sunbathe whenever you want to. Serra da Malagueta Is a place where you can walk take a ride and also enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Porto Grande Bay and Praia de Santa Are the most famous places that you must visit when you are visiting Cape Verd. Matiota is a place where you can opt for boating and also go for other water activities. Cape Verde is a famous tourist an attractive spot and is beautiful at the same time and therefore you should not miss this place when you are planning to travel worldwide, Cape Verde should be at the top on your list.

So you may be thinking about how to get a visa and how to process it, you might be thinking about how much may be the processing fee of the visa so it is very easy to apply for a visa online even if you are sitting in Pakistan and planning to make a visit to Cape Verde. Tourist visa online makes it very easier process for you to apply for a visa to Cape Verde from Pakistan. You just need to give all your documents correctly and before filling the application form and submitting it you need to recheck it so that you are sure that you have filled all your details and other informations that are asked correctly.

Tourist Visa Online Can get you authentic visa online itself and you don’t need to go to the embassy and stand in the line for hours or waste your time there. We are always at your service and feel free to contact us whenever you feel like 24/7. Even when you will be filling the application form for the visa, It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time and your application will be completed. And the processing time is also very less you don’t have to wait so long for your visa to get issued to you and also the money or the fee that is required to submit for the application of the visa is minimal and we don’t charge any extra fee as the embassy charges.

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Types of Visas for Cape Verde from Pakistan

Tourist Visa

This visa is mainly for those people who want to Visit Their friends or family who are already living in Cape Verde or planning a tour to Cape Verde. This is one of the most famous visas that are issued to the visitors. There are so many beautiful scenes that are to be seen so one cannot miss visiting Cape Verde. And this will automatically lead you to opt for tourist visa to Cape Verde. Applying for this visa also does not take so much time like the other kinds of visas.

Business Visa

This visa is actually issued to those travellers or the professionals who will be visiting Cape Verde for their own business work or for other work. They generally go there to either expand their business or to set up a new career or to work for an organization or an institution. In such cases a business visa is issued to a professional provided that he or she must have the proof and a cover letter from the organization or the institution that he is being referred to from.

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Documents required for applying a visa online for Cape Verde from Pakistan

  • The very first thing that is needed is the visa Application form or the pre registration form via which the visitor will be applying for the visa to Cape Verde.
  • The traveller must have an original passport as his identity and that passport should be at least six months valid.
  • He Or she should definitely carry with him or her two passport size photos which will have 80% of face coverage and there should be no other extra accessories wearing while taking the photographs.
  • The visitor to Cape Verde should have a legal status of his or her present.
  • The visitor to Cape Verde should always keep with him his bank salary statements in case if there is any emergency then he or she will be able to show it.
  • And the most important thing is that the traveller should have the proof of his arrival and the departure dates or the bookings of the flight tickets.
  • The traveller must also show the hotel bookings or the residence where he or she will be residing in Cape Verde during his or her stay.
  • And if the person goes for any business purpose then he or she must show his cover letter signed by the institution or the organization he or she is working for.

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Fees required

The 30 days visa is a tourist visa And the processing time of the visa is seven to nine days and the cost of the visa 59 USD.

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