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Cape Verde is a volcanic archipelago, the smallest nation in Africa. You can enter it by ferry or by aircraft. Portuguese is the official language here since before 1975 they were under the Portuguese Empire. Here you can find many beautiful beaches and mountains. In this article, we present you with the Cape Verde Visa Guide.

On arrival in Cape Verde, various nationalities Passport Holders can obtain a Visa. It is one of the easiest countries with any citizenship to visit. You're not going to regret coming to a little but splendid land!

Visa Free Countries

Cape Verde can be used by almost all nationalities without a visa (except Morocco).

Process to Get Cape Verde Visa

  1. Just access the Tourist Visa Online website and visit the field of visas.
  2. The country you wish to apply for a visa for will then be chosen. It's Cape Verde in this situation.
  3. Choose the applicable visa form. 
  4. Complete the website visa application form.
  5. Review the form again and again after the submission is completed.
  6. Upload your passport size photo in the space provided according to the instructions.
  7. Join all the required documents.
  8. The payment table is to be submitted electronically when the application fees are completed. 
  9. You are free to go after completing the questionnaire. The processing of your visa should be expected.

Documents Requirements

  • Valid passport valid for a minimum period of six months from departure date
  • Payment of Visa Fee

About Cape Verde

The archipelago of the Atlantic islands is Cape Verde and Cabo Verde. In the 15th century, it was established by the Portuguese and became independent in 1974. It consists of 10 insulas and eight V-shaped islets. Seaports and airports can be easily transported to and to various islands because of their location.

Meat is mostly like fish, the cuisine in Cape Verde. Staples of rice, beans, peas, onions, bananas and mangoes, fruits, and vegetables. Culture is a mixture of European and African influences in this region. However, houses, religions and rituals are practised in Portugal by many Portuguese communities. This is a fairly interesting place.

How to Reach Cape Verde

You may normally go to Cape Verde through European countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy or Luxembourg. US (Boston) or African flights are also available (Morocco).

Before you get to Cape Verde, you need to stop from the Philippines by Turkey, a European country like Portugal.

Things To Do In Cape Verde

Monte Verde Hike 

Monte Verde is Cape Verde's tallest mountain in São Vicente. This spot would always please walkers and non-walkers because of the trek worth it. The views of the surrounding towns can be appreciated magnificently.

Visit Praia de Santa Maria

Relax on Praia de Santa Maria's white sandy beaches in the south of Sal. Enjoy the crystal blue waters with local people and fellow visitors. Fishermen may even observe their fresh catch from the sea. It is a beautiful spot for walking, swimming, snorkelling or for quiet and calm!

Pedra Lume Salt Crater Floating Experience

You will not only float at the Dead Sea but also at the Pedra Lume Salt Water Center at Cape Verde! This is more salty than the Dead Sea and the crater of volcanoes. It will be a memorable experience but be very careful because the focus will make it burn your eyes. Since dipping, look forward to gentle and smooth skin!

Fun at Deserto de Viana

Have fun and ride a 4x4 in the Deserto de Viana in Boa Vista through the white sand dunes. Especially if you try sandboarding, it will be an exciting adventure. Don't forget to visit Turtles or their dens on the sand. You will not miss going! You will not regret going!

Check out the Blue Eye

Take a dive in Olho Blue or Buracona. It has calm, blue waters, a natural lake. It is a magnificent location facing the sea and the volcanoes. When you arrive right in the building, it is undoubtedly amazing and mysterious to see the blue eye from the cave.

Walk at colonial towns

Walk through the towns in Cape Verde and admire the beauty of the Portuguese houses. Talk to local people, learn their history, eat local food and speak Spanish. This will be a blast! It will be a blast!


Q. Is Cape Verde a Visa-free country?

When you arrive at Cape Verde, you will get a visa from various nationalities Passport Holders. 

Q. Is Cape Verde safe to travel to?

Cape Verde is a safe place for people to fly and is supportive and welcoming. The crime rate is poor, but be alert on the journey. 

Q. Is Cape Verde an expensive country to travel to?

It is not that costly to equate Cape Verde with Europe's holidays, but it is surely a little cheaper than West Africa's. Private resorts can be expensive, but you can find some inexpensive lodging if you want to relax on the budget.

Final Words

So this is all in the Cape Verde Visa Guide. Get your Cape Verde Visa from Tourist Visa Online and visit the beautiful nation.

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