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In recent years and for a good reason, Cape Verde has seen an increase in popularity. It is filled with incredible sights, food and community. Moreover, without flights of 12 hours or more, it has all the benefits of long-haul destinations such as the whole year-round sun. There are many reasons to visit Cape Verde, but in this article, we have limited it to the top five reasons to visit Cape Verde, so read and find out.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cape Verde

Beautiful Pristine Beaches

Stripes whipped down the coast of Cape Verde, usually without a soul in view, with the white stone sand breeze. The ground was lapped by shiny blue waves, leaving a lasting tinge of lavender in a damp place. On the beaches, you can walk your own route, never disturbed by a passerby, let alone a crowd. Alternatively, you might choose to go to the next beach, where the fishing whirlwind clamps over to the market. Customers traffic loudly, suppliers squeeze well, and every piece is doing its day-to-day business. Get yourself lost in the tumult and the heat, and go out for the next white untouched sand. In these lovely yet sparsely inhabited islands, tranquillity is still waiting at the next turn.

Boa Vista, Sal and Maio are the best places to stay for perfect beaches. However, each of the islands has incredible beaches to offer in a typical Cape Verdean style.

Rainforest Hiking

The solid blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in the rain forested mountains of Cape Verde is the product of a sudden bloom of fresh greenery. Take hiking trails that take active volcanoes, pass through cavernous caves, to village homes hazardously piled along ridges and across the archipelago to panoramic views.

Cape Verde has those uninterrupted treks for you if you're involved in seeing nature trails all around you and in creating concrete links with communities living in the depths of the forest. Cape Verdean forests are for you to choose from for any traveller who wants to see wildlife, exotic landscapes or a remote lifestyle.

Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Brava or Santiago island are the safest islands to see for anyone interested in hiking through the woods.

Explore the Volcanoes

Cape Verde houses some volcanic islands, as has been said before. The active volcano is one of these, Fogo. Last erupted in 2014, Pico de Fogo and the ashen sands that spread over the island are fertile remains of the volcanic impact that have played a major part in the lives of each resident of the Islands. Fogo Island offers a chance to climb an active volcano for you fearless travellers. It remains one of the few in the world, a daunting yet enriching journey.

There is also an interesting social anomaly on Fogo Island, where there is a village within the active volcanic crater. In fruitful soil, their pre-surfaced homes are produced using blocks of lava, with increasing coffee, vineyards and fruit.

There are sleepy volcanoes and signs of a once-volcanic presence on some islands, so if you're interested in the best, Fogo is your best island.

Environmental and Wildlife Conversation

Cape Verde is the largest ocean region in any Western African nation, considering its comparatively small size and population. In their sea life, they are both enthusiastic and constructive. There are 60 species of rays and sharks on the islands, including fantastic hammerheads, loping manta rays, and 20 whales, dolphins and marshes and one of the world's most famous breeding sites for turtles. A lot of seabirds are also present on the islands, and there is little on earth to do with Cape Verde shaving.

The Cape Verde government has now undertaken 5 times more ocean protection than its Western African neighbours (while that is a 1% protected climb to 5% protected), and it established 19 coastal maritime parks. The local fishing community has committed to discourage overfishing and damage their most valuable natural resource in a world that is extremely dependent on local fishing industries for maintenance.

Unfortunately, Cape Verde is a victim of illicit, exploitable, massive fishing boats which pollute and harm many of the natural resources of Africa, as are many poorer countries in Africa. For an intense case, take Somalia. Cape Verde hopes that it will deter this challenge from losing its home by being a pioneer in coastal conservatism in Africa.

Cape Verde is a perfect place for nature lovers to watch ethical animals. In March or April, you will see whales in Boa Vista. You will go to Sal and Boa Vista's hatcheries to watch baby tortoises born and go home again to the ocean in August for the nesting of the tortoises. The fee you spend for touring turtle nests or hatches is directly returned to restoration programs, which take care of them and keep their numbers of people.

The Music

Music is a key part of daily life at Cape Verde. An ancient saying claims that in Cape Verde, more musicians are per square mile than in any other country, and the locals are extremely proud of their local musical heritage. Although local musicians perform in the streets and perform live in the smallest cities, the greatest musical experience in Cape Verde is carnival. Every night of the week.

The carnival in Cape Verde has the same spirit, colour and musical prowess as a tight, intimate version of the festivities famous in their cousin country Brazil. In February, visit the festivals and hear about local music and dance quickly; see the flamboyant costumes seen, and see the sumptuous cars passing by.

Sao Vicente, the carnival of the Mindelo, is the perfect island to explore if you want the spontaneous street party and vibrant festivities.

Final Words

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