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Colombia, formally the Republic of Colombia, is a cross-country nation generally in the north of South America, with domains in North America. Here we are going to talk about Colombia visa application.

Colombia is popular for its arepas and claim to fame espresso, just as the thoughtfulness of its kin. It's known for its socially rich legacy where workmanship, music and theater blend, and its different scenes from deserts to snow-covered mountains. It likewise has a lot of renowned individuals like Shakira and Sofia Vergara. It is protected to go to Colombia – as long as you get your brains about you and avoid known risky territories, this is quite possibly the most fantastic objections in South America. 

Colombia is neither a poor nor a rich nation. Pay per individual was by year 1999 generally equivalent to the world normal. As per the Andean Community, GDP per capita was US$1,487 in 1993, and rose to US$2,090 by 1995. The fourth biggest nation in South America and one of the mainland's most crowded countries, Colombia has considerable oil holds and is a significant maker of gold, silver, emeralds, platinum and coal. 

As per Bloomberg News, starting at 2011, contemplates show that Colombia is the world's biggest cocaine maker. The United States of America is the world's biggest purchaser of cocaine and other illicit medications. You can check to know more about colombia visa fees

Types of Visas

Colombia has three kinds of visas: Temporary (TP), Resident (RE), and Business visas. The most widely recognized kind of visa among expats are TP or RE. , Colombia changed its visa rules and characterization. The new order just incorporates three sorts: 

  • Guest (V) 
  • Transient (M) 
  • Occupant (R) 

New Migrant (M) Colombian Visa 

The most widely recognized TP visas utilized by expats, for example, marriage (TP-10), speculation (TP-7), retirement (TP-7), work (TP-4) and understudy (TP-3) are turning out to be M visas. You can check to know more about colombia work visa for indian. For this kind of visa there are various conditions and prerequisites, which incorporate however are not restricted to: 

  • Being a companion or accomplice of a Colombian occupant 
  • Being a public of one of the States gathering to the "Concession to Residence for nationals of Mercosur, Bolivia and Chile" (Old TP-15 visa) 
  • Being perceived as an evacuee in Colombia as per the current guidelines (Old TP-9 exile visa) 
  • Having perpetual work in Colombia (Old TP-4 work visa) 
  • Having a capability to rehearse a calling autonomously (Old TP-13 visa) 
  • Coming to Colombia as an evangelist (Old TP-5 visa) 
  • Being conceded or taken a crack at essential, optional or an advanced education program at an undergrad instructive foundation in Colombia (Old TP-3 visa) 
  • Enrolling an unfamiliar direct interest in Colombia (Old TP-7 land speculation visa) 
  • Getting a retirement benefits or accepting an intermittent pay from a valid lawful source (Old TP-7 beneficiary or rentista visa) 

New Resident (R) Colombian Visa 

New kinds of visas have various prerequisites. 

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This new kind of visa will supplant the RE (inhabitant) visa. There are five classifications of the R visa: 

  • Bringing Colombian back 
  • The parent of a Colombian public by birth 
  • Has held a M visa classification 

Speculation of at any rate multiple times the base month to month wage in Colombia *According to Resolution 6045, holder of a M class 1 visa (marriage visa) can get qualified for a R visa following two years. 

New Visitor (V) Colombian Visa 

This sort of visa can be conceded to people in the accompanying circumstances: 

  • Guests to Colombia for relaxation, the travel industry or culture interest purposes (Old TP-11 visa) 
  • People leading business dealings, market studies, plans or strategies of direct speculation and constitution of business society, arrangement, the finish of agreements or business portrayal. You can check to know more about colombian visa types
  • People who take an interest in a scholastic trade program 
  • People who go to clinical counsels, or go with the individual who goes to the conference 
  • To complete managerial and additionally legal procedures before substances or experts in Colombia 
  • To take an interest in an occasions as a teacher, exhibitor, craftsman, competitor, jury, contender or strategic staff 
  • For the individuals who volunteer being developed participation projects or in the advancement and security of common liberties 
  • For people who perform transitory administrations 
  • Individuals who hold a situation in a Colombian part of an organization 
  • People who come to Colombia as an unfamiliar government official 

To apply for any of the visa you need to fill an application structure simply after it is handled without issues, you would be qualified for a Visa for Canada. You can check to know more about colombia visa embassy

The visa application form 

The visa application that you will hop on the site includes various kinds of information that should be filled which fuses the going with 


You will be open to Canada visa applications which you can download from our website. You can find out about canada vacationer visa on our site 


The individual information that should be filled here consolidates the going with that is-The country visa you hold, your nationality, your date of birth, E-mail address that works, such a visa you need to apply for, by then completing an ID is huge moreover click on the balance and conditions box to move to fill the accompanying information, your name with last name and guarantee the spellings are correct. You can check to know more about colombia visa from uae

Next is the sex / gender box, the town or city you have a spot with, country of birth, citizenship you own, religion, any conspicuous pigmentation on your body, and at last your informative ability. 

Recognizable proof INFORMATION 

In the visa information moreover you should fill a couple of subtleties that fuse the going with your distinguishing proof number, The detect the ID you gave, the date the ID was given, the date of expiry of your visa, by and by you will similarly have to give some other critical ID of you that exhibits you are the inhabitant of country you live in. 


In the family nuances part you should fill the going with subtleties that fuse the going with The subtleties of the after that fuse name, nationality, spot of birth, date of birth, country of birth while the nuances of the mother join name, character, spot of birth, date of birth, country of birth. 


In the area nuances part you should fill the going with nuances that fuse your home number, street number, the town/town/city you have a spot with, your country, the region, and postal code next fill your phone number and that is it. 

This was the distinct and explained application that should be filled.

This was all the info on Colombia visa application

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