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Columbia, formally Colombia, North West South America, Spain, Republic of Colombia. The waters of the Caribbean Sea are laundered to the north of its 1,000 miles (1,600 km) coastline, while the Pacific Ocean has washed it 800 miles (1,300 km) west of its coastline. Here we will discuss the Colombia visa fee.

The nation is surrounded by the two waterways in the northwest of Panama: Brazil and Venezuela to the east; and Peru and Ecuador to the south. It is over two times the size of France. It includes the archipelago of San Andres Providencia, located just 650 km (400 km) northwest of the Colombian territory of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The people have moved to a large degree in the rough interior, wherein the northern Andes Mountains Bogota, the public capital, is located at a high level.

The lonely country named for Christopher Columbus, the "pioneer" of the New World, Colombia presents a notable report in its topography and its general public on differences. The great snow-packed pinnacles in the cordillera of the nation are towering high over central timberlands and savannas in order to follow their parents' way of life. 

Colombia Visa Types

Colombia has three main kinds of visas:

  • Visitor visa (V), also referred to as tourist visa.
  • Migrant visa for Colombia (M)
  • Resident Visa for Colombia (R)

These types of visas are based on the motivation behind the movement and their subclasses.


Visitor Visa (V)

Colombia's Visa for Visitor also referred to as a Colombian tourist visa, is issued for foreigners staying in Colombia for a short period of time.

Migrant Visa (M)

The visa is granted to externals who want to live in Colombia for a more extended period or establish an impermanent or perpetual home. The visa is for migrants. The visa for Colombia Migrants is valid and acceptable for a period of three years. 

Resident Visa (R)

The Colombian resident visa is granted to third-party nationals who meet one of the following conditions:

  • For four years, you have always had a migrant visa for each event.
  • You've got a kid from Colombia.
  • Your Colombian ethnicity is recovering. You can apply for the Colombian resident visa if you have already surrendered your Colombian citizenship in order to have the opportunity to return.
  • In Colombia, you have put a lot of money.

Columbia Visa Requirements

  • A filtered first-page duplicate of your passport with all the data or checked duplicates of a substantial travel archive with your own applicant's subtleties and a clear visa page examined. Each of these pages should be placed in a PDF format. In any case, a half year from the date of movement, the visa should be substantial. 
  • A checked last passage duplicate or a legitimate report with the current movement status if the current home is not the same as that of the ethnicity. 
  • The last Colombian visa obtained is checked duplicate. If the application is provided with OCR, this is not necessary.
  • If a named delegate must submit or settle the Visa application, connect the checked archive of the Power of Attorney's Archive. 
  • If the candidate or other person supports the visa application, the associated reports must be presented.
  • The verified duplicate of the letter endorsed by the legitimate agent of the support association showing the association's names and subtlety of contacts, confirming the candidate's characters (with the substantial visa), the subtleties of the candidate's actions, terms, and plans in Colombia, the capacity and binding subtleties and monetary obligations, also, NIT is to be remembered for the letter, given that this organization is legitimately established in Colombia. 
  • In cases of a private institution or association legally not composed in Colombia supporting the application, an examination duplicate of the adequately epistolized or legitimized declaration of attendance and a legitimate portrayal or any other equal archive should be connected to the candidate in accordance with this precondition. If the archive is not in Spanish, it should be Spanish and then apostilled or legitimized. At that moment, this archive is Spanish.
  • A checked duplicate of the bank articulation of the last half-year showing the dissolvable monetary nature of the supporting organization. In this archive, public elements don't need an outfit. 
  • If the subtleties of confirming the criminal base are necessary in accordance with the country of origin, it tends to be joined together, in a case by case. The PDF design for the last class of supporting reports can include filtered duplicates of various documents necessary, for example, a ticket for arrival and back booking.


Colombia Visa Fee

At Tourist Visa Online, you can avail the below-mentioned type of Visa at the fee indicated with it:

Type of Visa: 90 Days Visa      

Visa Category: Tourist Visa      

No. of Entry: Multiple Entry     

Visa Validity: 2 Years  

Stay Validity: 90 Days              

Processing Time: 10 - 12 Days  

Visa Fee: 107.0 USD

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