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In Colombia, you can stay in the country with various types of visas. There is no requirement for a visa for visitors to Colombia in countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United States, or the United Kingdom.

A visa from Colombia is not a formal visa but is only a 90-day entry visa at any of the country's migration offices. Your visa is limited to a maximum of 180 days if you do not have a formal visa, however. In this article, we are going to talk about Colombia Visa Types. So read and find out.

Colombian Visa Types New Classification

Three (3) types of visas are available in Colombia: temporary (TP) visas, resident (RE), and commercial visas. TP or RE are the most frequent types of expatriates visa. Please note that Colombia amended its visa rules and classification by the end of 2017 under resolution 6045. There are only three types in this new classification:

  • Visitor (V)
  • Migrant (M)
  • Resident (R)

The new visa type R will be identical to the old visa type RE. Visas from M or V shall be issued in the different TP categories.

New Migrant Colombian Visa

Expatriates such as marriage (TP-10), investment (TP-7), retirement (TP-7), employment (TP-4), and student (TP-3) are the most frequently issued TP visas. There are various conditions and requirements for this type of visa that include but are not limited to:

  • Being a Colombian resident's spouse or partner
  • A national of one of the States Parties to the "Mercosur, Bolivia and Chilean Residence Agreement" (Old TP-15 visa)
  • Recognized as a refugee in Colombia under the present rules (Old TP-9 refugee visa)
  • A continuous job in Colombia (Old TP-4 work visa)
  • Having an independent qualification for practice (Old TP-13 visa)
  • To be a missionary to Colombia (Old TP-5 visa)
  • To be admitted or enrolled in an educational university in Colombia in primary, secondary or higher education; (Old TP-3 visa)
  • Registration of Colombian foreign direct investment (Old TP-7 real estate investment visa)
  • receiving a pension or periodic income from a trustworthy legal source (Old TP-7 pensioner or resident visa)

New Resident Colombian Visa

The RE (resident) visa will be replaced by the new visa type. Five categories of R visa are available:

  • Colombia's Return
  • A Colombian national's parent at birth
  • Has a category of M visa
  • At least 650 times Colombia's minimum monthly salary

The holder of M category one visas (marriage visas) after two years may, according to Resolution 6045, be eligible for R visas.

New Visitor Colombian Visa

This Columbia Visa Type can be given in the following situations:

  • Columbia Visit because of tourism, or culture interest purposes (Old TP-11 visa).
  • Individuals having market studies, business negotiations, plans or procedures of direct investment and constitution of commercial society, negotiation, the conclusion of contracts, or commercial representation
  • Individuals who participate in an academic exchange program.
  • Administrative and judicial proceedings before Colombian entities or authorities
  • To be a lecturer, exhibitor, artist, athlete, jury, competitor, or logistics personnel at an event.
  • For volunteers in projects for development cooperation, promotion, and protection of human rights.
  • For persons performing temporary services
  • People in a Colombian subsidiary of a business
  • People coming to Colombia as officials of the foreign government

Steps to Obtain Columbia Visa

  1. Visit the website of Tourist Visa Online.
  2. Select your Nationality, Citizenship, and Country of which you want the Visa, in this case, Columbia, from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Then click on the Apply Visa button and proceed.
  4. A new page will load where you have to select the type of Visa you want to get. There are various types of Columbian Visa that you can apply for at Tourist Visa Online. Some of the common types are Columbia Tourist Visa and Columbia Transit Visa.
  5. After selecting the Visa type and time period, you can proceed to fill the application form.
  6. Here you will fill in all the necessary details that are required for applying for a Columbia Visa. Details include the applicant's personal details, date of travel, passport details, the itinerary of the tour, the reason for travel, and other such necessary information. 
  7. After filling in the details, you have to attach the required documents for applying for the visa. It includes the applicant's passport, scan photograph of the applicant, valid email id, and other documents.
  8. Once you attach the required documents, proceed to pay the fee for the visa. You can pay the Columbia visa fee using valid payment options like Debit Card and Credit card.
  9. After paying the Visa fee your work is over. Your Columbia Visa will be processed by our team to the embassy after the in-depth check to avoid rejection.
  10. You will get your Visa in your email id once issued. It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 days to process the visa.

Final Words

It can be challenging to know which type of visa is suitable for you, and the process of obtaining one can be stressful. It can be very hectic to know about the correct procedure and apply for the Colombia Visa.

Our team of local specialists and experts can assist you with a Colombian visa process. So now you would be clear about the various Colombia Visa Types. So apply for your Visa through Tourist Visa Online and plan a trip to the beautiful nation.

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