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Colombia, formally Republic of Colombia, Spanish República de Colombia, nation of northwestern South America. Its 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of coast toward the north are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and it's 800 miles (1,300 km) of coast toward the west are washed by the Pacific Ocean. Here we are going to talk about Requirements for Colombia visa

The nation is circumscribed by Panama, which isolates the two waterways, on the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil on the east, and Peru and Ecuador on the south. It is more than twice the size of France and incorporates the San Andrés Providencia archipelago, situated off the Nicaraguan coast in the Caribbean, exactly 400 miles (650 km) northwest of the Colombian terrain. The populace is to a great extent moved in the rugged inside, where Bogotá, the public capital, is arranged on a high level in the northern Andes Mountains.

The solitary American country that is named for Christopher Columbus, the "pioneer" of the New World, Colombia presents a noteworthy report in differences, in the two its topography and its general public. The grandiose snow-tipped pinnacles of the nation's inside cordilleras tower high above central timberlands and savannas where enduring Indian gatherings actually follow the lifeways and customs of their progenitors. Check out our website for more info on colombia travel restrictions

Types of visas

There are three primary sorts of visas for Colombia: 

  • Colombia Visitor Visa (V), additionally alluded to as a Tourist Visa.
  • Colombia Migrant Visa (M)
  • Colombia Resident Visa (R)

These sorts of visas have their own sub-classes, contingent upon the motivation behind movement.

Colombia Tourist Visa – Visitor (V) Visa

The Visitor (V) Visa for Colombia, additionally alluded to as a Colombian Tourist Visa, is given to outsiders who will remain in Colombia for a brief timeframe.

Colombia Migrant (M) Visas

The Colombian Migrant Visa is given to outsiders who mean to live in Colombia for a more drawn out timeframe or set up an impermanent or perpetual home. The Migrant Colombia Visa can be given for a limit of three years and is sustainable. Check out our website for more info on do you need a visa to travel from colombia to usa

Colombia Resident (R) Visas

The Resident Visa for Colombia is given to outside nationals who satisfy one of the accompanying prerequisites:

You have had a Migrant Visa consistently for any event for four years.

You have a Colombian kid.

You are recovering your Colombian ethnicity. In the event that you surrendered your Colombian citizenship already, you can apply for a Colombian Resident Visa on the off chance that you wish to return.

You put a significant amount of cash in Colombia.

 Following are the Requirements for Colombia visa

Requirements for Colombia visa

- A filtered duplicate of the first page of your identification containing all the data or checked duplicate of another substantial travel archive with your own subtleties of the candidate and examined clear page of the visa. Every one of these pages should be arranged in one PDF. The visa should be substantial for in any event a half year from the date of movement. Check out our website for more info on colombian passport visa-free countries 2020

- A checked duplicate of last passage/leave Visa stamp or some other legitimate report displaying the current movement status, if current home is not quite the same as the ethnicity outfitted. One of the most important Requirements for Colombia visa

- A checked duplicate of the last Colombian Visa acquired. This isn't needed if the application is given with OCR.

- If the Visa application is to be submitted or settled by a named delegate, connect a checked duplicate of a legally approved Power of Attorney archive. Check out our website for more info on visa policy of colombia

- If the Visa application is supported by the candidate or some other individual, the accompanying reports are needed to be submitted…

  • A letter endorsed by the support, affirming the character of the support (according to the substantial identification or ID), insights regarding the relationship with the candidate, reason for the visit to Colombia and announcement of the financial duty regarding travel and everyday costs of the candidates.
  • An examined duplicate of most recent half year's bank articulations of the candidate or the support.

- If the Visa application is supported by at least one association, the accompanying reports are needed to be submitted…

  • A checked duplicate of the letter endorsed by the legitimate agent of the support association, portraying the name of the association and contact subtleties, character affirmation of the candidate (according to the substantial visa), subtleties of action, term and plan of the candidate in Colombia, subtleties of the capability and binds with the candidate, and presentation of the monetary obligation regarding travel and everyday costs of the candidates. On the off chance that the association is legitimately composed in Colombia, NIT is likewise to be remembered for the letter. Check out our website for more info on colombia visa application
  • In the event that the application is supported by a private establishment or association, lawfully not composed in Colombia, the candidate should connect an examined duplicate of appropriately apostilled or legitimized declaration of presence and lawful portrayal or some other equal archive, according to the prerequisite. In the event that this archive isn't in Spanish language, at that point it should be meant Spanish and afterward it should be apostilled or legitimized.
  • A checked duplicate of the most recent half year's bank articulation, exhibiting the monetary dissolvability of the supporting association. Public elements don't require outfit in this archive. Check out our website for more info on colombia entry requirements covid
  • Depending upon the nation of source, if the subtleties of criminal foundation confirmation are required, it tends to be joined alongside the application, according to the individual case. Filtered duplicates of different records required, for example, ticket to get there and back booking, can be appended in the PDF design in the last class of the supporting reports.

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