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There is no other deciding factor as much as the visa fees do. So here you will be getting a detailed explanation about the visa type and the Ivory Coast visa Fees that will have to be paid in order to get your visa issued. Getting to know this can help you in many ways for sure. This is exactly why tourist visa online will help you get to know about the cost. Thinking about how it will help you? Well, you can literally have your whole trip planned based on the money you spend which means that once you come to know about the fee details you can plan your entire budget for the Ivory Coast trip!


Q. Why do I need to spend money to get a visa to go to Ivory Coast?

When it is about spending money people will have to think twice, whether they even need a visa to go to Ivory Coast or not. This means if you do not need a visa you will not have to spend money on the visa while on the contrary if you need one you will have to spend money on it. So that means when you will be traveling from your hometown to a foreign country there are times you need a visa and there are other times you do not depend on which country you will be going to. So getting a visa will cost you for sure but getting to know whether you need one or not becomes more important than that and for this, you can check out the Do I need an Ivory Coast visa article. 

Q. Through how many ways can I apply for my Ivory Coast visa?

You can have access to three ways through which you can apply for an Ivory Coast visa. The three methods can be given as follows:

  1. Getting an Ivory Coast visa through online method
  2. Getting an Ivory Coast visa through visa on arrival
  3. Getting an Ivory Coast visa through an embassy

Q. Which method is the most convenient when the cost is concerned?

When you think of the cost that is concerned while applying for a visa, you will have to take into consideration all of the three options. Starting with the most expensive way of getting a visa is through an embassy. Not only will you have to visit the embassy a lot of time, but you will also have to spend money as and when they tell you to. This means you cannot keep a track of the money that you spend when you apply through an embassy. While when you apply when you arrive at the airport you will have to pay not only for the visa and the service fee but you will also have to additionally pay at the immigration department to get your visa issued. When you consider the last option which might be considered as the best because eventually you just have to pay a fixed amount of visa fee and the service fee and not any other fees than that!

Q. Which site can be accessed to get my Ivory Coast visa applied?

With simple application steps that will take hardly some minutes and other good services, you can apply through Tourist Visa Online itself. You will also be able to pay with any of the options that you have available without any worries.

Q. When I apply through tourist visa online what are the visa fee options that I can get?

When you will be applying through tourist visa online you can get two options. You can choose the one that will suit your condition and budget the best! The two options are:

1. Standard Ivory Coast visa processing:

This type of visa processing is mostly chosen by all as this will take some time but will not cost you much. If you are on a specified budget then this option would be the best for you. Through this option, you can apply for the tourist visa which will cost you about 110.0 US dollars. This visa will have a validity of 90 days however you can get only a single entry when you apply for this visa type. You will be able to acquire this visa in about three to four days of application however it will be recommended that you apply for this type of visa at least a week in advance.

2. Emergency Ivory Coast visa processing:

This type of processing will get you your visa in about 48 hours. This type is recommended in only emergency cases. 

Q. Has a service fee been made applicable for the foreigners who will be applying through Tourist visa Online?

Yes, a visa fee along with that a foreigner will also have to pay for the service fee. This service fee for the standard method will change according to the country selected while for those in the emergency case a service fee of 200.0 US dollars will be fixed. 

That is all you need to know about the Ivory Coast visa fees. So go ahead and apply for one now!!

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