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Guessing that your visit to Ivory Coast is the next trip! Well if it is, you need to know some of the matters related to the visas and how you need to apply for them and whether you need it or not. Ivory Coast offers various sets of visa policies to its visitors. There is some nation who counted under the policy of Ivory Coast visa-free country or some counted under the policy of Ivory Coast visa on Arrival. This is exactly why we at Tourist Visa Online are here for you! Now no need to worry about your visas! One more thing that you need to know is the visa policy of Ivory Coast. This visa policy is kind of a book of rules that you need to follow while you apply for a visa. This visa might be required by some while for the other it might not be so important to get one and getting to know this becomes important!

About Ivory Coast:

Due to its not so developed tourism industry and other industries, not many people know about the place. So here is a small account of the place you need to know before you think of going to the Ivory Coast!

This place located in the west of Africa is also known as the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. With about 78 different languages being spoken in the entire country, French becomes the most important language here. You can also find a lot of Christians and Muslims living here along with other religions. This area follows a democratic view where the president holds the entire power in the country. During the crisis which took place in the year 1960s and the year 1970s, it was the coffee and the cocoa production which had saved the economy leading to a boost in the African economy at that time. 

Tourism had flourished in the 1970s. However, this was only for a limited time. The economy had also quite increased. It was estimated that about 73,000 people including those from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom had visited the Ivory Coast. This place had the beaches, wildlife preserves, and other safaris which constituted the Ivory Coast adventures that one would have loved to experience. 

Visa policy:

As mentioned earlier this is a set of laws that are followed by the foreigners before they start the application. This set of laws was laid down by the government of the Ivory Coast to ensure the foreigner follow the laws and respect the tradition laid down by those in Ivory Coast. One thing that all of the foreigners must and should carry is a passport which will be valid for six months or more. 

Exemption of visa for foreigners:

There have been made some exemptions for the people who will be coming from foreign countries, but the exemptions do not apply to all of the foreigners worldwide and only some of the countries can gain access to this. The countries that can do so can be given as follows:

Benin Burkina Faso Cape Verde Gambia Ghana Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Liberia Mali Niger Nigeria Senegal
Sierra Leone Togo        

All of the above-mentioned countries are those whose citizens can visit Ivory Coast without a visa. The stay validity for them will be more than 90 days.

Those who can stay in Ivory Coast include the following countries:

Central African republic Chad Congo Mauritania Morocco Philippines
Seychelles Singapore Tunisia      

All of the above-listed countries can go to Ivory Coast without a visa as well.

Apart from these, the holders of diplomatic or service passports belonging to the following countries do not need a visa as well. The list can be given as follows:

Austria Brazil China Gabon Iran Israel
South Africa Turkey Uganda Venezuela Vietnam  

All those nationals who belong to the above countries and fulfill the conditions can go to Ivory Coast without a visa.

E visa on arrival:

This visa is one of its types. This visa can be accessed by the foreigners where they need to apply for an online visa before getting the visa at the airport. This visa has an application form which can be filled in through an online website of your choice. This, however, will not be sent through online but will be available to you once you arrive at the airport. This facility is only available at the Port Bouet Airport in Abidjan. This visa has a validity of only 90 days and the extension is possible as well. These extensions will however need an application form written and sent to the embassy. This visa is normally processed in about 48 hours after the application. But the renewal might take some extra time which will need a gap of about 1 month or so. Hence it is requested to all the applicants who wish to renew the visa to do so a month before the visa expires so that they can get it before the expiry date.

Approval needed countries:

There are some countries that cannot travel to Ivory Coast without approval. This approval must be done before you go to the Ivory Coast. There are countries that need to do so and the list can be given as follows:

Afghanistan Albania Angola Antigua and Barbuda Bangladesh Bolivia
Cambodia Chile China Colombia Cuba Dominica
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Hong Kong Iceland Indonesia Iran
Iraq Jordan  Kenya Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Laos
Marshall Islands Micronesia Myanmar Lebanon Libya Moldova
Nepal Nicaragua North Korea Pakistan Palau Rwanda
Samoa South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Syria Thailand
Timor-Leste Vietnam Yemen      

All of these countries come under those that need approval assigned to them without which they cannot enter the country of the Ivory Coast. 

Taiwan and Macau however do not need to get one before they travel.

Foreign relation of Ivory Coast with other countries:

There had been foreign relations that were created between the Ivory Coast and France. This has led to much better international relations being developed between the countries. It was in 1960 that Ivory Coast had joined the United Nations and became a part of it. It also participates in most of the specialized agencies. The leader of Ivory Coast was one of the first African leaders who had established a relationship between Israel and the Ivory Coast. This country also has a wide variety of diplomatic contacts which helps it to maintain good relations. The Ivory Coast is a part of the following organizations:

  • Organization of African Unity
  • West African economic and monetary union
  • African Mauritian common organization
  • The council of entente communaute financiere africaine 
  • The economic community of west African states
  • The nonaggression and defense agreement
  • The nonaligned movement
  • The African regional satellite organization
  • Inter-African coffee organizations

Ivory Coast belongs to the above-given organizations among others! 

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This concludes the information you need about the visa policy of the Ivory Coast. All you need to do now is select one type of visa and get the application form filled!

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