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There is no other thing that is more important than the requirements while applying for a visa. This means it becomes important for you to get a complete list of all the documents and other requirements before applying for a visa. This Ivory Coast visa requirements article will hence help you to know about all of the important stuff that you need to keep ready in order for you to get through the visa application process smoothly. 

Starting with the general requirements that you need to prepare in order to apply for a visa through Tourist visa online can be given as follows:

  • Firstly a strong internet connection is recommended when you start to apply for a visa through an online method
  • Next, you would need a device or an instrument that will help in the completion of the Ivory Coast visa application.
  • An online payment method which you can access for paying the fee
  • A registered email id under your name which has to be submitted in order to get this visa issued to you. This is the id through which the visa will be sent to you

All of these requirements if filled you can go ahead and check the documents that you need. The list for each type of visa can be given as below!

Document requirement for Ivory Coast tourist visa:

Being the most wanted visa, here’s the complete list of documents you need to prepare for an Ivory Coast visa application to be successful.

1. A passport:

No matter where you go and for what purpose it is, you always need to have a passport. The information on this document will act as a base of the information you need to provide while applying for a visa.  This passport which belongs to the foreigner must have a validity of 6 months. This passport must also consist of two blank pages to get the stamp on. A foreigner cannot cross the border of the country without a passport as it will be considered as a crime.

2. A passport-sized image:

This image will be attached to your Ivory Coast visa application form and hence be sure that the photograph will follow all of the required details such as it should follow the standard passport size, it should also have a background such that the face is more visible, the person in the photograph must not be wearing any glasses or head covering materials, and so on.

3. Flight tickets:

If the foreigner is going to apply for an Ivory Coast visa, it is to be noted that the flight ticket must be booked and confirmed in advance to stop any troubles from coming in the way while the application is being completed. The copy of both the to and fro tickets of the Ivory Coast must be given.

4. Income tax proof:

A copy of the income payment must be attached along with the application form

5. Yellow fever vaccination form:

As some of the countries need this form, it is necessary that you obtain one before going to Ivory Coast. You also need to submit a copy as proof of getting the yellow fever vaccination, without which the visa cannot be issued.

6. Proof of finances:

The proof must be submitted about your bank statements which are from the past six months in order to get the visa issued. The bank signature and seal must also be accompanied on the statements which prove that the document is legit if not it will be considered as a fake document and the issuing will be stopped.

7. Confirmation of hotel bookings:

Once you book a hotel ticket you should attach a copy of the booking along with the Ivory Coast visa application form. If this is not available then you can also give the address of the sponsor who will be sponsoring your visit and at whose house you will be living in.

Documents required for business visa:

1. A business company invitation letter:

A letter copy must be submitted which will show that the invitation has been given to the foreigner. It must also state the requirement for which you are going to Ivory Coast. It must also mention the dates through which you will be staying in the Ivory Coast for the conduction of business. If any of the details are found missing then the documents will not be accepted.

2. Chamber of commerce letter:

This letter is obtained from the embassy and this letter is needed for you to be able to conduct business in Ivory Coast without this, it will not be possible to enter Ivory Coast for business purposes. It is to be noted that apart from these two requirements the requirements specified in the tourist visa must also be attached to get the visa issued to you!

Now that the main types of Ivory Coast visas and the Ivory Coast visa requirements have been discussed you can easily choose one by following the link and applying for one. 

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