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Cote d’Ivoire is the other name for Ivory Coast; it's an independent country located in the southern part of West Africa. Nowadays, main attraction for tourist is Ivory Coast, Abidjan is the port city and economic capital of the Ivory Coast. Well, different language people are present in Ivory Coast. The Kenya citizen is now eligible for an Ivory Coast visa, so Ivory is now applicable for an online e-visa.

Ivory Coast Embassy Visa Application

  • Kenyan citizens can easily apply for this, with a validation period of 90 days.
  • If you want an entry without a travel visa this can be done by showing all the valid documents and the validation is for six months.
  • The tourist can extend their validation process of living by filling an application.
  • For certain places, the Ivory visa is banned so tourists are advised to check before planning to visit.

For Ivory coast visas you can visit tourist visas online, may the question arise why this platform, well this is a genuine site where all country visa-related documents are present; you do not need to visit plenty of sites for detailed information; moreover it provides visa for any country with 48 hours. 

This site is easy to use you just need to provide all valid documents. For transparency, you can also track your application. In the tourist visa online platform you will find the Ivory e-visa application form by filling it up, complete the process by paying online, you should provide the service and government charges at the same time. No refundable policy is granted. While the process is done, the e-visa is sent via email. For the time being, single visas and multiple visas are available.

  • Single visa- through this multiple entries are not allowed and it's valid for 90 days 
  • Multiple visas- you can enter and exit the country many times up to 2 years.

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On the Ivory Coast visit, Kenya is allowed to travel.

  1. Tourist visa for 90 days
  2. Transit visa for three days
  3. Business visa for 90 days

During the form fill-up process, few documents are required

  • Invitation letter
  • Passport
  • Bank necessary document
  • Flight ticket photocopy

Student Visa Requirements

  1. Hotel details
  2. Certificate and documents of the latest academic year are required.
  3. Letter of invitation
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Health insurance 
  6. Application form photocopy is needed

 Ivory Coast Visa Types

  • Visa for Business- this visa is generated for the staff who are traveling only for official business work for A valid offer letter is required, and its validation is 90 days.
  • Visa to Tourist- this visa is an offer to all the tourists and the person who is wishing to travel, its validation is 90days.
  • Health Visa- for crucial health issues, this visa is provided, well for this valid health document should be provided to the embassy for any death issues ivory will not be responsible, its validity is for 90 days.
  • Transit visa- if you are assigned for urgent work and a short period then this visa is applicable for you, as its validation is for three days.
  • Long-term visa – this visa only offers you one year of validation in a country that you are wishing for.
  • Diplomatic visa – only applicable to government employees, officers, and its validity is 90 days.
  • Student visa – letter of invitation should be provided for this, and after Ivory embassy approval this visa is applicable.

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Ivory Coast Embassy Visa Application

 As per the required time, it took six days of processing time. You are advised to apply for the visa at least 15 days before the travel date. If the visa processing is started, you cannot change the period or date. If you made a mistake or the arrival period is written wrong, you need to apply for a new application. Well, no refundable policies are granted. 

Well, for entering to Ivory Coast visa requirement is mandatory for all travelers. For some of the neighboring country visa requirement is not required/ have an exception only for 90days. Mali, Sierra Leone, and Mauritania for these three nationalists, the Ivory entry is banded.

For Ivorian tourists, three types of visa applications are valid.

  • Firstly, through an online application that is e-visa
  • Secondly, visa on arrival, this visa is processed directly at Ivory airport; if your documentation is facing some issues on that condition, the Ivory Coast Embassy offers this system.
  • And if you are facing issues, you can directly go to Embassy for a direct visa application.

Is In Ivory Coast Vaccinations Required?

From the prediction, Ivory has been estimated as a high-risk country for yellow fever till 2019. The maximum population has been terminated for this yellow fever vaccine, and now Ivory is currently affected by the recent epidemic disease.

According to the requirements visitors traveling to Ivory should have a valid vaccination card from the World Health Organization and should be done at least 10-30 days before traveling to Ivory. As the unvaccinated people will be isolated in this region. Through the visa application process, passengers should clarify all this validation process as per the records, not only the HIV/AIDS people are affected severely by this disease, but also pregnant women are badly affected. Even-aged people are affected by many other allergic diseases, so travelers are instructed to provide the immunization card before traveling to Ivory Coast.

So the recommended vaccines for travelers are yellow fever vaccine, covid vaccine, hepatitis A, and B, Polio, Cholera.

What’s the best time for ivory coast?

Well, Ivory climate temperature is 30 degrees usually, but in the southern part it has the topical climate, and in the northern part it's semi-arid. Well, usually the tourists travel in May- September, and December – February.

Is ivory coast travel safe?

According to the report, Ivory is the safest country, but at the Ivory Coast all the tourists are requested to be alert as most of the robberies took place there, their main target is the tourist, so carry less expensive things there and be careful. The most attractive and destination places for tourists are Abidjan, San Pedro; beyond that, there are border areas, so it is advised not to cross those areas as it may cause life risks. Ivory Coast has many attractive beaches Tourists ask to be careful during swimming as the water forces are quite high and the chance of drowning is high.

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Ivory Coast Visa

Some basic requirements you need to fulfill before traveling to Ivory Coast

  • All valid documents should be provided
  • Payment receipt of hotels and other necessary items can be required.
  • The country you are entering and the country you belong to, both documents are required during the verification process.
  • The passport needs to be carried everywhere
  • Health insurance is not required, but you should go for a monthly health check-up, as there is a chance to get sick due to yellow virus from mosquito bites, covid virus, or many other unknown viruses.
  • You must prefer bottled water
  • African mask should be preferred during ivory coast Travel bank details should be provided.
  • Pan card photocopy is required
  • Address proof documents are required

According to the reports, ivory coast currency is to convert US Dollar to CFA Franc, as from the estimation 1USD is equal to 560.099 XOF, which is used as a mode of exchange. Near the Ivory coast, there are many ATMs but mostly are not genuine, in some places like established hotels and restaurants or residences accept credit or debit cards, while for others you need to have cash, so travelers must have enough cash for the Ivory coast travel.

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