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Havana has many things that you can enjoy with your friends and family. So here we present you the list of Best Things to do in Havana Cuba.

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10 Best Things to Do in Havana Cuba

Centro Habana

You could walk through the curving streets of Havana for hours and hours, but Centro Habana is the fascinating place. Yeah, Havana Vieja has designated UNESCO sites, so do not skip them, but Centro Habana is the most vibrant district, and you can feel in close contact with the local flavour. You will hear the beautiful sounds of salsa music drifting through the windows and into street food, with its smell and taste. Havana is a very secure city for foreigners, so you can stroll around without being stressed.

Eat at a Paladar

One of the most significant Havana experiences is eating in a paladar, a restaurant in-house that offers an intensely personal food experience. All over the area, among the regular restaurants, you'll find them. As they are usually tiny, the best people always wait long or need bookings in advance, but you know they are worth it once you get into it. The owners will treat you to a mojito to shorten the wait, or at the end, they can give you a cigar and a bottle of rum. At the end of the journey, you can remember these are food experiences.

Walk-in Malecón.

You have realised that there is Havana on the seaside, and one of the best spots to experience it is on Malecon, a wall which essentially stretches the length of the town, about eight kilometres. Take as long as you need to walk down the entire street to La Rampa, a nightlife destination in the Vedado area that will fill you with the energy you've had never known. The esplanade was built over 50 years, and as you walk along with it, you can see some of the many improvements the city has undergone.

Ride at Old Car

It is the Cuban cliché, one product of their Communist government's long-standing reluctance to import new vehicles, so cars from the 1950s are all over the city. Although more recent vehicles' arrival slightly dampens the time travel effect, the past of one of the older cars can still be brought closer. You could choose the one you want outside the Inglaterra Hotel or the Revolution Museum and then spend an hour driving around the area.

Visit Colon Cemetery

Cristobal Columbus' cementary is something more than just the typical cemetery named after Christopher Columbus. Located in the Vedado district, it is packed with more than 800,000 graves, many beautifully carved by generations of wealthy families. The cemetery is built like a town with numerous quarters for several people. Bishop-to-baseball teams all have their areas accessible across a range of 140 acres. There are only a few places to rest, and the stone can seem blindly white so you should wait before you check it out on a cloudy day. It's not a cloudy day.

Enjoy the Baseball Game

And during the most chill days of the cold war Cuba's leagues, like American Major League Baseball, still had their Cuban baseball players everywhere. There is something in this island on the water that looks as if baseball players are being pumped out to a high rate and a tour of the Cuban League will provide you with an unparalleled and memorable experience. It's the national game, and at the stadium, you can experience it. Moreover, Havana Industriales is one of the leading teams in the league, so that you can expect to win a hometown.

Catch Some Salsa

Salsa is also a part of Cuban culture that has made itself known far beyond the world's borders, which you cannot miss while in Havana. You're going to find live music almost throughout the city but look forward to seeing that they play the style you want. Feel like you'd be a bit unprepared for the show? Find your skills first for a salsa lesson.

Check Out the Major Sights

Some buildings and other urban features are in Havana that you absolutely cannot miss. The first is Plaza de la Revolución, where you can see the Monument to Jose-Marti and the giant Che Guevara face on the Ministry of the Interior (you have seen it on T-shirts before, but never that big). Another structure that should not be overlooked is the Capital Building, which is almost the same construction as the US Capitol Building. See the Museum of the Revolution for your history fix. The building is exciting, and something is going to be discovered.

Visit the Cigar Factory

There is no better way to get cigars from Cuban people than from one of the plants. While you're not yourself a smoker, it's great to see the process in action, mainly because Cuban cigars have been one of the critical things connected with Cuba by people from abroad for years. There are many choices for this experience, and you want to make a reservation in advance. The cigars you find in factory stores will be cheaper than on the highway, but you can rely on their high quality.

Check out Cuban Art

The artists in the Cuban society are highly regarded, so many art studios and boutiques sell craftsmanship scattered around the area. You should take an art tour of the city if you want this to be thoroughly experienced. You will find shops such as Clandestina and Pisoclabis Bazar-Cafe in Old Havana and La Fabrica de Arte Cubano in Vedado if you're interested in experiencing it yourself. Several Cuban painters and other artists in this world have gained international fame, and you can still come near to them in Havana.

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These are some of the Best Things to Do in Havana Cuba, but the list is long, and you can only experience it once you visit Havana, Cuba. So get your Cuban Visa from the most popular Online Visa website Tourist Visa Online and enjoy the beauty of Cuba.

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