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It is a known fact that a visa is necessary no matter where you go. Well, this applies to you when you go to Cuba as well. But here there is a small difference in the visa that you cannot see in the other countries. Well, you get a tourist visa card than the otherwise paper visa which you get through any online medium. So this Cuba tourist visa card is like the entry card to your visit to Cuba. Here while you read the whole article you will come to know who all would need it and why do you need it along with how to apply for it. It is quite simple so you need not worry about a long tiresome process. 

Importance of a Cuba tourist visa card:

This tourist visa card is an authorization card that you get and this unlike other tourist visas can be used for multiple purposes. This visa even allows transit to be carried out through the airport while going through Cuba. Not only that you can also get a medical treatment that goes on for a short term in Cuba. With the health industry gaining a lot of popularity among the people around the world, this is a good opportunity to be used to get a multi-purpose visa. 

Not only does the visa card give you multiple reasons to visit Cuba but it also becomes easy if you apply for this card through an online system. All you need to do is complete an application form. You can take a quick look at the Cuba visa requirements.

Stay period allowed on the Cuba tourist visa card:

This is a common question that is asked among the tourists who wish to seek a tourist visa card. Well, the stay period is only for 30 days but the validity of the visa goes up to 90 days which means that you can enter the country of Cuba in any of these 90 days time periods.

Extension of a Cuba tourist visa card:

The extension of a Cuba tourist visa card is also possible which needs an appeal letter to be submitted to the nearby embassy. This appeal letter, however, will have to be given at least 30 days before your visa is to expire. This visa extension can take a lot of time and hence giving the letter this early will be better. The extension once approved will make the visa valid for another 90 days. 

Countries whose nationals need a Cuba tourist visa card:

There are specific countries that will have to acquire this visa card in order to gain entry and the list of the same can be given as follows:

Afghanistan Bangladesh Cameroon Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana
Guinea India Iran Iraq Nepal Nigeria
Pakistan Philippines Sierra Leone Somalia Sri Lanka Syria
Uzbekistan Yemen        

All of the above-mentioned countries along with the visa card must also possess a passport that is valid.

Application for a Cuba tourist visa card:

Rather than the long and tremendous procedure that you need to undergo to get a visa, you can easily apply through Tourist Visa Online and the application procedure for the visa card can be given as follows:

  • Give the name of your country once you enter the main webpage
  • Select the visa from the list of types of visas given
  • Attach the documents once you finish filling up the Cuba tourist visa card application form for the visa card
  • Pay the fees once you finish all of the processes which are given above after which you will get a mail sent to your mail-id.
  • You can track the location of your visa once you’ve successfully applied and got the mail.

This application process will complete the application part of the visa card. For a more detailed explanation of the process, you can check out the Cuba visa application article!

Difference between the tourist visa card and the actual visa available for Cuba:

You might normally get confused with the use of a tourist visa card instead of using a Cuba visa. Well, there is actually quite a bit of a difference! While the Cuban tourist visa card is to be taken by almost all of the nationals to be able to go through the immigration processes, a Cuban visa is actually required by only some of the countries which include Africa and other countries of the middle eastern area. This means that all need to have a visa card but the visa is only taken for some!


Q. Does it mean that I need to have a tourist visa card even if I am going from the US?

Well, if you are from the US you do not need to have a tourist visa card; a passport which is valid will also work for the entry.

Q. Will there be a specification of the date by which a foreigner has to exit the country on the Cuba tourist visa card?

Yes, there will be a specification of the date which will indicate the date by which you need to exit the country.

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