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One of the first considerations, when you need to apply for a visa, is whether you fulfill the requirements or not. Luckily, the visa requirements for Cuba are not difficult to meet. There are only a couple of them, and it's quite easy to verify all the things. A passport, a Cuba visa application form, a travel itinerary, and travel insurance are all required. You just need the first two when you apply online, so the other two will be demanded after your arrival in Cuba.

Let's see the process for Cuba Visa Extension in this article. People might want to extend their visa once they are in Cuba.


  • The number of days you are allowed to stay in Cuba, as well as the duration of your visa, depends on your nationality.
  • A 90-day visa is usually granted to Canadians, and their visas can be renewed for the same period. 30-day visas and visa extensions for the same duration are granted to other nationalities. Your visa can be extended repeatedly. However, you will have to leave Cuba for 3 days after the first renovation, then re-enter.
  • Your normal visas are Cuban visas, they're travel cards, you buy one for $25. In Cuba, extending your visa essentially means buying another travel card.
  • If you renew your visa a few days before it expires, you will lose those days and your new visa will not be transferred to you. Renewing your visa a day or 2 before it expires is the best thing to do. You can extend it sooner, so on the day your old visa expires, choose your new visa. From the day you chose your new visa, they begin counting your extension days.



  • Visit the immigration office at number 17,  Vedado, Havana, between J and K Street.
  • When visiting immigration, dress formally, they can turn you away in case they believe you are dressed improperly. Dress code for men: T-shirts and pants that are beneath the knees. Dressing code for ladies: dress conservatively.
  • What to carry
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Original Travel Card
  • For the new travel card-25 CUC stamp 
  • Receipts from the place where you stayed in Cuba-if you don't have receipts, the address of the place where you stayed is enough.
  • Upon immigration, visa extension fees are not charged. At any bank in Cuba, you can pay the fee, you will be issued with a stamp which is what you show at immigration. Important: Keep your stamp transaction receipt, as incidents of individuals issuing fake stamps are on the rise, they ask for it.
  • You'll queue at immigration when it's your turn to collect all of the above items. About an hour or so, they will bring you another travel card.



All traveling to Cuba from 10 January 2021 onwards must have validated evidence of the negative result of a PCR test taken within 72 hours before traveling to an approved testing center in the country from which you are traveling. Kids are not exempt. In order to facilitate your travel to another country, you can not use the NHS testing services to get a result. There's a private exam you can arrange to take. You will also be given a PCR test on arrival in Cuba.

Every traveler has to complete a health declaration and has a PCR examination (with the address of where they will be staying). Both air tickets will have a $30 sanitary charge included from 1 December onwards. If you have to pay for a PCR exam, such as entering by sea, the fee would be paid by credit card, or in cash in USD or GBP or Euros. Within 48 hours, the test outcome should be communicated. Travel insurance with cover is required for COVID-19.



Visitors flying on charter holiday flights will be moved to their hotels and will be briefed at the hotel for further safety reviews or tests.

If they live in private accommodation, individual travelers would have to self-isolate before they get a notice that their PCR result was negative.

On their fifth day, Cuban nationals and foreign citizens must self-isolate and have a further PCR test. You would no longer have to self-isolate on receipt of a second, negative PCR test result. Anyone who moves from the airport to a hotel must obey the instructions of the hotel medical staff.

Anyone with a positive result from a PCR test must go to the hospital. When released, the expenses of staying in hospital (and any medication) must be covered by credit card, or your travel insurance provider may have to make payment directly.


The above-mentioned information covers everything about Cuba Visa Extension.

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