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This country is an island overflowing with energetic workmanship, soul-blending music and towns shrouded in pioneer engage. The nation traverses 44,200 miles, making it somewhat more modest than the territory of Pennsylvania. Its changed topography incorporates moving farmland, rough mountains, metropolitan cities, curious Colonial towns and white-sand sea shores. Here we are going to discuss about How do I apply for a Cuba visa online? Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a populace as warm and sparkling as its heat and humidity and brilliant expressions, This is a nation asking to be investigated. Found 90 miles off the bank of Key West, Florida, This country is the biggest Caribbean island country. Its neighbors are the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Haiti. 

The nation is a world chief in feasible environmental practices and has started making the change from rural imports to low-impression, manageable cultivating. It's additionally one of the principal nations to boycott the offer of brilliant lighting, having supplanted bulbs with energy-saving minimal fluorescents. Naturally cognizant explorers can delight in six rich UNESCO biosphere saves, going from tropical dry, sticky or deciduous timberland to mangroves. The island highlights 3,570 miles of coastline. Its longest stream, the Rio Cauto streams for 213 miles. The country is likewise home to the world's littlest fledgling, the zunzuncito, a honey bee hummingbird local to the island.

The principle religion is Catholicism, anyway it has been altered through different convictions. Among the main impacts is Santería, a mix of Christian-West African Yoruba and Roman Catholic Christianity. Different religions incorporate Palo Monte and Abakua, both established in African conventions. There are additionally a great many Jehovah's Witnesses. Jewish people have lived on the island for quite a long time. You can apply cuba visa online on our website.

Types of visas 

There are many different visas for different purposes. Following are the types of visas you can get for-

1. Visiting family – you can venture out to this country under an overall permit on the off chance that you need to visit close family members. They can be your family by blood, marriage, or selection, yet there should not be multiple ages taken out from you or a typical ancestor of yours. 

2. Official government business – temporary workers, representatives, and grantees of the US government, of some other unfamiliar government, or an inter - governmental association in which the US government is a piece of or a spectator can go here in the event that they are on legitimate business.

3. Journalism – the government awards admittance to any editorial action, and they uphold specialized work force or independent columnist that are knowledgeable about the field. Check for cuba tourist card online on our website.

4. Research and gatherings – you can visit this country in the event that you need to do some exploration in your field, or you can go to proficient gathering and meetings. 

5. Educational purposes – this class won't permit you to go to a college or anything, yet it will leave you alone a piece of instructive exercises in the country. The two understudies and educators can go under this classification.

6. Public exhibitions, workshops, centers, displays, and athletic games – this class is simple. On the off chance that you need to perform, you are a craftsman, or you need to take an interest in games, you can visit here under this class.

7. Religious purposes – strict associations, alongside their staff and individuals fall into this classification is they make some full-memories timetable of strict exercises. 

8. Support for the public – free associations that advance a fast and quiet progress to majority rules system, just as people and non-legislative associations that help the interests of the common society fall into this class. 

9. Humanitarian undertakings – in this class there are a ton of sub-classifications. There is clinical consideration just as natural activities. Instructive preparing, grown-up proficiency, the improvement of little scope endeavors, and numerous others, they are all important for this class. Check for our cuba visa services on the website. 

10. Private establishments exercises or examination for instructive foundations – you can head out to this country under this class on the off chance that you need to gather data identified with non-business purposes . 

11. Exportation, importation, and transmission of data or instructive materials – this is identified with the distributing, music, and entertainment worlds. 

12. Export – just approved fare exchanges fall into this class. 

For further information on this you can visit cuban embassy website.

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How to apply for visa 

There are few set of steps that need to be followed while getting for a visa. They are as follows- 

It is a fast and easy cycle to get a visa through our website: 

Pick your favored kind of visa dependent on your movement type - You need to pick the kind of visa you want to get among the 12 visas given above. You can go to our website choose your nation and the country you want to travel to.

Now you are going to get an application form to be filled in. Make sure to fill all the details correctly because if verified and any of your detail is incorrect then it can result in rejection of application form completely. 

Pay on the web - Now you will have to pay the visa fees through your preferred mode of payment. 

Get your visa once endorsed- Wait for the visa processing time, the time duration for getting your visa processed depends on the type of visa you are getting. Now you can track your visa status as well. You will get your visa . 

Download cuba visa application form through our website.

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Requirements for the visa 

There are some important requirements that need to be submitted while filling out the application form.

These documents are as follows-

  •       The applicant's Passport with in any event a half year legitimacy and least 3 clear pages and every old identification assuming any
  •       2 passport size photographs which should be coloured and scanned
  •       Individual Covering letter: disclosing reason for movement to the nation
  •       The applicant's Bank Statement: stepped and refreshed for most recent 3 months with bank seal
  •       Air tickets: evidence of return flight tickets from and back to your nation of origin
  •       Lodging reservation: evidence of convenience for your whole remain
  •       Birth Certificate for kids
  •       Greeting letter from the host organization (For Business Visa)
  •       Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate


The Embassy has the privilege to request extra data or reports and ask for an individual meeting with the candidate.

You can check for info on your travel to cuba on our website.

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