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Djibouti visa for Australia Nationals can be obtained with ease and with the least hardships! How about having a fun weekend in Djibouti?  A visa is all you need before you travel to Djibouti. A beautiful country situated in the horn of Africa has some wonderful tourist and educational exposure. Thus it’s a worthwhile trip if you travel to Djibouti. 

Visit the Tourist visa online website to get all the needful information about Djibouti visas, procedures, and also the policies regarding the same.


  • What is a Djibouti visa?
  • Djibouti visa for Australia Nationals
  • What are the types of Djibouti Visa?
  • How can I get a Djibouti visa?
  • FAQ's

What is a Djibouti visa?

Djibouti visa is accepted by the government of Djibouti before you enter the country. It is an official document that allows you to enter and stay in Djibouti without any objection.

Thus before visiting Djibouti, get a visa and the other necessary documents like passport, medical certificates, or whatever other medical reports, vaccination certificates, etc. so that you won't be stopped by.

Djibouti visa validity and stay period also changes according to the type of visa you are applying for. If you happen to overstay in Djibouti than the supposed stay period as mentioned on your visa, you might have to pay a fine or initiate the procedure to renew the visa if possible.  

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Djibouti visa for Australia Nationals

Dear Australians,

It’s a heavenly journey through Djibouti as well as its dazzling tourist's spots. But if you are worried about visa and the documentations, you need not worry!

You can apply for the Djibouti visa in various ways; either offline or online. If you wish to initiate the visa procedure with an offline mode, you need to visit the nearby embassy and get the process initiated.

If you are willing to apply via the online procedures, visit the Tourist Visa Online website and begin the process with few simple steps and by uploading the required documents. 

What are the types of Djibouti Visa?

There are various types of visas depending upon the reason of your visit to Djibouti. They are as follows:-

Transit Visa: -

  1. A transit visa is often used in the cases of connecting flights. If you are supposing to visit some other country via a specific country, you might require a transit. (country A to country C via country B)
  2. You require a transit visa of country B if you decide to explore the country in the given time until your next flight to country C. But if you won't leave the airport until you hoard the next flight, you don’t need a transit visa in that case. 

Short stay visas:-

  1. Tourist's visa: - This visa is issued when you are traveling to another country for tourism. 
  2. Visa for medical reasons: - This visa is issued if any individual or a family member is looking for a medical treatment and services abroad. Thus by issuing the visa of medical issues, you will get a smooth and coordinated access in the country.
  3. Business visa: - This visa is issued for official purposes if any individual has official meetings or programs issued in another country. A business visa isn’t similar to a work visa. This visa only allows you to be present in whatsoever official gathering is might taking place and demands your presence.  
  4. Athletic or artistic visa: - This visa is issued for the athletes or other activists who are about to perform or play their skills in other countries.
  5. Pilgrimage Visa: - This visa is issued for the religious people who are about to set themselves on a religious tour in some other country of the same interested religious event.

Long stay visas:-

  1. Student Visa: - This visa is for the students who dream about acquiring further education in foreign countries. They can issue a student's visa, the fees or charges of this visa are as well affordable so that the students may access them easily. 
  2. Temporary worker visa: - this visa is a temporary work provision opportunity which allows you to work and earn in another country as you would wish. 
  3. Residence visa: - this visa is issued for the travelers who wish to reside for some particular period in a foreign country.
  4. Asylum visa: - this visa is processed for the individual who is trying to escape from prosecution or other major political tensions in their country. They can travel to some other country on the basis of this visa.

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How can I get a Djibouti visa?

You just have to follow some simple steps in order to get a Djibouti Visa:

  • Visit the Tourist Visa Online website
  • Follow:-   
  • Select the country you are staying in currently, 
  • the country of your citizenship 
  • And the country you want to visit or get a visa of.
  • The charges will be displayed according to the above three aspects mentioned.
  • If you agree, proceed and fill the application form, upload the required documents. 

(Please make it error-free.)

  1. Make the payments either through the debit credit cards or via PayPal
  2. Get notified via your mail.
  3. Once the process is finished, you will receive a mail from your visa! Get the printouts on A-4 size papers and get ready to fly!

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Q. What do I need to present upon arrival in Djibouti?

You need to present the following documents upon arrival in Djibouti:-

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Medical reports with covid-19 negative results.
  4. Photographs
  5. A confirmed and booked return ticket.
  6. In the case of the transit, you will have to provide them a ticket to the third country which you are traveling to.

Q. Where can I read more about Djibouti Visas?

You can visit the Tourist Visa Online website, (articles section) where you will find numerous articles and information regarding Djibouti visa for Australia nationals, Djibouti visa processing time, Djibouti visa cost, the Best time to visit Djibouti etc.

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