Djibouti eVisa Frequently Asked Questions

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The eVisa for Djibouti is an electronic visa that allows the holder to enter the African country. It is obtained by submitting an online Djibouti visa application. This is a simple and quick procedure that takes only a few minutes to perform. The former visa-on-arrival method was replaced by this digital approach in 2018. For short-term travels to Djibouti, foreign nationals can get an electronic visa. eVisas for Djibouti are available for tourist, business, and transit. When filling out the online form, the tourist must specify their anticipated arrival date. From this date, tourist and business eVisas are valid for 31 days.
Transit eVisas are valid for three days, which is the maximum amount of time a foreign citizen can remain in Djibouti without a tourist visa. The bearer of an online Djibouti visa can only enter the country once. If a tourist wishes to leave and return, they must apply for and receive a new eVisa.

eVisa Requirements for Djibouti

To get an eVisa, foreign travelers must fulfil the Djibouti visa criteria. As part of the eVisa application, you must provide the following documents:
  • Passport must be valid.
  • Reservations for flights (or other modes of transportation)
  • Accommodation address in Djibouti
  • Letter of invitation from a Djibouti-based organization or host
  • The traveler's passport must be valid for at least another six months.


The eVisa will be connected to the passport recorded in the application once it is accepted. This passport is required for entry into Djibouti.
Those applying for a Djibouti eVisa must additionally indicate the address where they intend to stay. This might be the address of a hotel or a host with whom the person would be staying.
To cover a modest Djibouti eVisa processing cost, visitors must give their credit or debit card information. When completing the online application, you must also provide a current email address. This account will get the authorized eVisa for Djibouti.

Steps to Apply Djibouti eVisa

  • STEP 1: Submit your application online.
  • STEP 2: Make a Payment Confirmation
  • STEP 3: Obtain a Visa that has been approved.



With an eVisa, foreigners who want to relocate to Djibouti, remain for a long time, study, or work for a living are unable to do so. In these instances, the individual should contact a Djibouti embassy or consulate to inquire for the appropriate visa. You can also apply the visa on Tourist Visa Online.

Apply Djibouti Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

To enter Djibouti, all international visitors, whether for leisure or business, must have a valid e-visa.

If you arrive in Djibouti from a country where yellow fever is endemic, you will be required to provide confirmation of the yellow fever vaccine.

You may visit your panel on our website using your application ID number (the code you get) and check the progress of your application at any time.

Yes, you must produce your printed visa as well as your payment receipt.

The validity of your e-visa is determined by the type of visa you request while filling out the application. A transit visa with a 14-day validity period or a tourist visa with a 90-day validity period is available.

Once you have all of the required papers, submitting your application will take no more than 5 minutes.

Yes. To travel to Djibouti, US residents must get a visa, which is usually valid for one year and allows multiple visits. If you do not get a visa, you will not be permitted to enter Djibouti.

The immigration authorities in Djibouti have the ability to grant visas on arrival. Passengers having a passport valid for at least six months beyond their arrival date are eligible for a visa on arrival. They need to have a return/onward ticket. For stays of up to 90 days, visas are given.

Djibouti's crime rate is generally low, especially when compared to some of its immediate neighbors (think Somalia and Eritrea). That isn't to imply the nation is free of crime; you should always use caution and be on the lookout for pickpockets and theft in general.

Fill out our simple online form and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Fill out our simple online form and pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Email the paper to yourself. Upon entering the target country, show your passport and the document we give.

Wildlife, picturesque viewing sites, culture, and tradition abound in Djibouti. Djibouti is worth visiting if you're searching for some of Africa's greatest tourist locations, and here are some of the best places to go.

Djibouti, which is located in the Horn of Africa, was recently upgraded to a low-middle-income nation. Despite recent economic development, poverty rates remain high, with 42% of the population living in severe poverty.

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