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Dear Albanians, looking forward to visiting Djibouti? The Djibouti Visa for Albania Nationals providing a visit to Djibouti requires some steps to be followed to apply for the same. Let's see what makes Djibouti so special which would make your hearts visit it.

What is a Djibouti Visa?

As every other visa, Djibouti visa too is an official document which helps you to travel and encounter beautiful spots in Djibouti. It gives you access to the country and helps you to visit whatever fascinates you about Djibouti. The visa is either stamped or attached to the individual's passport or if applied over for the e-visa, then it's directly linked to the individual's passport number. No attachments are handed for the e-visas. Online Djibouti Visa application easier and least time consuming through Tourist Visa Online.

How can it be for Albania Nationals?

Dear Albanians, if you are worried about your visa or visit to Djibouti, let's look forward to answering all your doubts!

You can Apply Djibouti visa online via Tourist Visa Online and also the fees are usually the same as provided on the tourist visa online website.

Dear Albanians, the government of different countries have certain rules and regulations which you need to follow before applying for a visa.

Especially for the Albanians, the rules are as follows:

You can apply for

1) Djibouti Visa on arrival

2) Djibouti E visa

Depending on which country you probably want to visit. 

  • According to the 7th July 2020 status, Albanians had access to almost 114 counties without any visa.
  • Since you are not from one of the visa-exempt countries according to the Djibouti Visa policy, you surely require a visa to visit Djibouti.

The reason you need to visit Djibouti will result in different types of visa you might require. So you can select your preferred visa from the mentioned list.

Different types of visas are:

  • Transit visas: If the individual is reaching his destined country via some other country, he then requires a transit visa in order to spend the given amount of time in the same country. Until his next flight; he/she is free to visit different places in the same country if they have a transit visa. Its validity is for limited hours or days. A confirmed return ticket should also be available with the user of this visa.
  • Short-stay or visitor visas: Short stay visas can be again categorized into many more options.
  1. Tourists visa: A lot of tourist attractions and places are always welcoming tourists from all over the world. Thus to enter a foreign country just as a tourist, you need a tourists visa.
  2. Private visa: These are usually if someone has invited the individual over in his country and is intended only for important purposes.
  3. Visa for medical reasons: The individual gets a medical visa if he needs to visit foreign countries for any medical concerns. It's basically for the ones affected and is in search of medical treatment overseas.
  4. Business visa: The individuals belonging from other nations but want to expand their business in a foreign state, this visa is a must for them.
  5. Athletic or artistic visa: The individuals participating in various sports and athletics or the artists as well participating in different competitions are given this visa. They can go over different countries to expand and grow their shows, concerts and talents.
  6. Pilgrimage visa: This is especially for the individuals looking forward to religious visits in different countries. If you are interested entirely in the religious ceremonies and devotional events across the seas, this visa is more preferable.
  7. Refugee visa: This is for the individuals stuck in difficult situations of doing or die and looking forward to an escape from either war, natural disasters, persecution or any such calamities.
  • Long stay visas: The long-stay visas too can be divided into different options as follows!
  1. Student Visa: This visa is a good one for the students studying and acquiring masters' degree abroad.
  2. Temporary worker visa: This visa allows you to gain temporary employment in foreign territory.
  3. Residence visa: This is granted to the people looking forward to the long term residency.
  4. Asylum visa: This is given to the individuals looking forward to escaping prosecution or political tensions in their owns country.
  • Immigrant visa: This visa is issued for the people interested in having a permanent settlement on the foreign country.

There are yet other kinds of visas too which include marital status or related situations where one is conditioned to travel accordingly. You can surely find the details about it over a tourist's visa online website or Wikipedia.

Steps to apply for the visa

You sometimes might get a headache thinking about how time-consuming the procedures might be, but here is one of the "Instant" and "Trustworthy" solutions for you.

Apply for your visa through  in three simple steps!

  1. Apply online, fill online application.
  2. Make the payment.
  3. Get your visa in less than 48 hours.

Requirements for visiting Djibouti recommend as per the government of Djibouti:

  • If you are applying for the visa on arrival, it will entirely be dependent on the decision of the Djibouti immigration authority.
  • Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival. The ones applying for Visa on arrival should have a confirm return ticked.
  • As per the 1st May 2018 bill; passed by certain authorities in Djibouti, visas aren't issued on arrival in today's time. Except for the individuals of any country having the diplomatic, service or official passport; only these are allowed for this option.
  • Individuals planning to visit some other country via Djibouti can apply for a transit e visa valid for 3 days.
  • Tourists can get a single entry visit visa valid for 31 days.
  • One can Apply Djibouti e visa only for the purpose of tourism or commerce.
  • The only Airport through which you can enter Djibouti is Ambouli International Airport, that too only if you have an e-visa.

Benefits you might enjoy by applying online via Tourists visa online are:

1) Visa will arrive in less than 48 hours.

2) Services provided at affordable and cheap price.

3) No conspiracies involved.

4) One of the leading websites, you will be assured and notified about every step.

5) Save time, chill and just wait for the visa in three simple steps.

6) 24/7 efficient customer service.

7) Simplified application procedure

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