Djibouti Visa for Egyptian Citizens

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Egypt has recently signed a deal with Djibouti to make it easier for Egyptian citizens to gain access to the Union of Comoros. This article will look at the different visa options for Egyptian citizens who want to travel to the Comoros islands.

The Djibouti visa for Egyptian citizens

Before signing the deal with the Comorian Union, Djibouti was requiring a visa for Egyptian citizens to get to the islands. However, this rule is now covered by the deal. All that the new agreement requires is that the official travel agency or tourist office of Egypt is present on the islands. Djibouti will then issue the tourist visa for Egypt.

This was revealed by the Arab newspaper Al Bayan and has been confirmed by sources in Djibouti. The official paper which needs to be issued is called the Djibouti certificate of tourism and passage.

The Djibouti visa costs EGP 7.5 for men and EGP 5 for women. The cost of the tourist visa can be paid by a bank transfer, cheque, or credit card. A tourist visa will last for three days and can be extended for up to 60 days.

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What is the process? 

The process of obtaining a visa to visit the Comoros islands takes 2 to 3 days (3 to 7 days for a visa for visa-exempt holders) and costs an exorbitant amount of money.

For example, the online application for a two-year multiple-entry visa costs CDN$100 or CAD$1585, with an extra CDN$400 for the processing fee.

This is a lot of money for a one-day vacation for an Egyptian tourist in Djibouti.

To get a cheaper option, you can try your luck at the Djibouti immigration office or visit Tourist Visa Online.

How to apply for a Djibouti visa

Getting a Djibouti visa is fairly simple. One of the easiest ways to apply for a Djibouti visa is to apply through an Egyptian embassy or consulate.

Here are the steps to follow to make the application:

  • Visitors to Djibouti must have a valid e-visa
  • Visit the Djibouti visa section of the visa page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt

Find the visa that best suits your purpose, select, pay the visa fee, and then choose how long your visa will be valid.

Please note that this is a first-time visit to Djibouti, so it will be valid for a maximum of 6 months. There is also a maximum stay of 10 months, once the stay period has expired you will have to re-apply.

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What do you need for your application? 

To obtain a Djibouti visa, you need to apply at the Djibouti embassy in Cairo or any other location in the country. All of the information on the Djibouti embassy website is in French, which is not the official language of Comoros. If you already have a visa to Comoros, you are not required to have a visa for Djibouti.

But, if you do not have a visa to Comoros then you must need a visa to Djibouti to visit the country.

 If you wish to apply for a visa for Djibouti, you will need the following documents: – Documentation (e.g. letters of invitation) that shows that you are a business traveler and are in the country for business purposes.

The cost of the Djibouti visa

There are several different visa options available to Egyptian citizens. The visa cost is going to vary depending on the city you will be traveling to.

For the individual visitors, you will get a 30 days tourist visa with 30 days stay validity, and you will only have to pay 48 USD  for the tourist visa application

Or, you may get a 3 days tourist individual visa with 3 days stay validity, only 37 USD.

A visa for one month is granted without an interview but if you wish to extend this visa to a month or more, an interview is required.

The visa policy for this country is very strict, so we hope that this information will be useful for anyone planning on traveling to Djibouti. If you have any questions about this country or anything else, you can visit Tourist Visa Online.

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There are a few different visa options for Egyptian citizens who want to visit Comoros. Many of these options require a two-step process in which you must apply for a visa before traveling to Comoros. However, the visa can be submitted once in Djibouti and can be obtained on arrival if you hold a 30-day visa.

Make sure you read our other guides on using an expired visa for visits to a few different countries so that you can get the most out of your travels.

If you wish to travel to Djibouti and you’re an Egyptian citizen, you will need to apply for a Djibouti visa. You can also do this online through Tourist Visa Online to get assistance with your travel plans.

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