Process to Apply Djibouti visa for Ethiopian nationals

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The visa rules for each country differ based upon the citizenship of the individual applying. If you are an Ethiopian National looking to visit one of the smallest country on the African subcontinent, then you can find out how to apply for Djibouti visa in this article.

We are also going to explain if a travel agency like tourist visa online would be better than going to an embassy.

On the horn of Africa, you can find this French-Arab speaking country called Djibouti. It is known for its wilderness and shrubbery, the volcanic formations along the gulf beaches. 

This small republican country also has an abundance of valued minerals which contributes to its economy. Culturally, you will see a large number of ethnicities here from several different tribes. There are also people from Europe, Ethiopia and the Arabian countries.

As for its tourist attractions, there are several national parks, reservoirs, local markets, beaches as well as lakes. The country offers an abundant number of beautiful undiscovered sites, which will definitely leave visitors awe-struck.

If you are visiting the country for business purposes, then you will need to have a letter from the organising/host company as a form of invitation, which will make you eligible for application.

Read on below about the other Djibouti visa requirements for Ethiopian citizens.


Visa Requirements

Depending on whether you are applying for a tourist, business, or  student visa the requirements and the application process differs greatly. 

Ethiopia and Djibouti are in more or less the same parts of the Africa Continent. This is why the visa requirements are quite lax, the authorities can issue electronic Djibouti visa for Ethiopian citizens

However, if you are entering the country with a Djibouti e-visa, you can only enter from the Ambouli International Airport.

As a citizen of Djibouti, you can also apply for a visa on arrival and then get it from the embassy after landing.



Below, we have consolidated a list of documents you will need as Djibouti visa requirements for Ethiopian:

  • Application form filled.
  • Passport with Djibouti citizenship, valid for 6 more months.
  • Two passport-sized pictures.
  • Flight details of your return tickets.
  • Accommodation details of your hotel or guesthouse reservations.
  • You will also need to pay for the visa fees in cash to the consulate, which will sum up to 85 euros for a 30-day stay. (You can also pay in local currency)
  • A vaccination certificate, original or copy of for Yellow Fever.
  • Your bank statement as proof of sufficient funds. 
  • Before the application process, consult with your travel agency regarding the documents. The application stands to get rejected on grounds of invalid documents.


  • You can apply for the Djibouti visa for Ethiopian citizens in person through the local embassy in your country at least a month before the trip date.
  • Additionally, you can get yourself a travel agency like tourist visa online which can handle the entire visa booking as well as the flights, accommodation bookings for you.
  • Lastly, you can also apply for a Djibouti e-visa yourself from the immigration website, at least a week before the trip.


Covid Protocols

The authorities all over the world have advised people to not embark on unnecessary journeys due to the pandemic. However, if you have to make a trip to Djibouti you will have to regard the rules.

Once you have landed at the International airport after getting a Djibouti visa for Ethiopian, you will have to follow the proper covid code of conduct for your personal safety and everyone else.

  • A negative RT-PCR report, testing should not have been older than 72 hours before the trip.
  • Vaccinated travellers do not have to quarantine if they present their vaccine certificate.
  • Unvaccinated passengers need to be self-isolated and quarantine for 72 hours.
  • If you show symptoms during the mandatory temperature screening, then you will not be allowed into the country regardless of the fact that your Djibouti visa is approved or not.

Apply Djibouti Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Djibouti visa for Ethiopian are also available on arrival but only on specific international airports.

Yes, your Djibouti e-visa stands to get rejected and you will not be able to enter the country if the visa and passport do not match.

It usually takes 3-4 days on average for the Djibouti e-visa to get processed. For further assurance, you can track your visa status via the tourist visa online tracking service.

Visitors can pick up their Djibouti visa on arrival from the main embassy outside the airport, from 3:30 PM to 12.

Depending on whether your visa is valid for 14 days or 90 days, you will have to pay $37 or $48 respectively. 

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