How to Apply Djibouti visa for US citizens

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If you are a US citizen who intends to visit Djibouti in the near future, then this article is for you. We are going to divulge everything about the requirements and process of obtaining a Djibouti visa for US citizens. 

There are three major ways to get the visa, with a regular tourist or business visa with the help of a consulate or a travel agency, Djibouti e-visa or lastly, a visa on arrival.

As someone who lives in the United States, visiting Djibouti will enable you to witness a cultural change. 

The Republic of Djibouti as it is called popularly is one of the tiniest countries in Continental Africa. It is occupied by part desert, lakes, and shrubberies and also has some of the saltiest water bodies in and around it.

As a visitor, you can witness some of the most scenic spots for sightseeing, culture and traditions that pans out over different kinds of ethnicities. You can also visit the many different nature and wildlife reserves across the country.

We have prepared a compilation of everything you need to know regarding the Djibouti visa requirements for US citizens, in the article below.


The first and foremost step should be to find out whether you need a visa at all. 

Usually, US citizens do not need a regular visa to travel to most countries. 

Begin by visiting the official website of tourist visa online and search in the visa eligibility search box.

Kinds of visas

  • Regular E-class visitor’s visa

This can be further divided into a tourist or business visa. The applicant will have to apply in person to the consulate. 

  • E-visa

In the prevailing conditions, it is advisable to get a Djibouti e-visa since it helps with easy immigration and you can also practice social distancing much better with it.

  • Visa on arrival

This is the last kind of visa on this list and the most undesirable. Currently, only one international airport in Djibouti is providing the visa on arrival facility. If your plane is not landing at that airport or you think that issues with your paperwork can arise then it is best not to opt for this option.


The applicant will have to submit certain documents either to their travel agency or the consulate as part of the Djibouti visa requirements for US citizens:

  • A passport with US citizenship valid for the next six months at the very least.
  • Passport-sized photographs of you, taken according to the issued guidelines.
  • A vaccine certificate for Yellow fever.
  • Your travel itinerary and complete details of accommodation.
  • Bank statement with sufficient funds.
  • Application form completed and signed.


To apply for the Djibouti e-visa, follow the steps given below:

  • Fill in the online application form.
  • Submit the visa fee online through credit or debit card.
  • Attach the documents and apply.
  • The visa will be mailed to you in 3-4 days once it is processed.
  • Moreover, if you have applied for an online visa through a tourist visa online, then you can track the status of the process directly from the website.
  • For the tracking, you will require the acknowledgement number issued in the application ID.
  • Lastly, you will also be required to carry a hard copy of the mailed visa.

Covid Rules

The authorities in both the US and Djibouti have authorised them to travel only when essential. As of now, they are also providing visas to only country representatives and diplomatic personnel.

However, if you do obtain a Djibouti visa for US citizen, then here are some rules you need to follow:

  • Get vaccinated before your trip and bring the certificate as proof.
  • If you are not vaccinated for some reason then you will have to present a negative RT-PCR report.
  • Furthermore, you will also have to be quarantined as mandated by the government. There are self-isolation facilities built-in local embassies near the airport where you can stay for the entirety of ten days.

Apply Djibouti Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as a US national you will need to apply for a visa.

With a single entry Djibouti visa, the visitor may stay for a period of 30 days in the country, as a tourist.

The visa fee for a single entry will be up to $48 for a 90-day stay.

Yes, there are agencies like tourist visa online that have experts to deal with every aspect of your travel plans and stay.

No, as of now the authorities have stopped issuing the Djibouti visa for US citizens, they have cited the pandemic as a reason for this decision.

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