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A fascinating reality about Djibouti is that the vast majority of the nation, however situated in Africa, communicates in French and Arabic. Lake Assal is a whole lake which is known for its Black magma and emerald water while Day Forest National park is visited by untamed life aficionados. 

Djibouti has attractions for each age and taste. Ardoukoba, a well of lava, involves a salt lake while whales and sharks can be seen in Ghoubbet-el-Kharab. Seven Brothers islands merit visiting once and they make certain to give you a loosening up encounter. Djibouti is additionally home to various mosques, keeping the realities that a significant piece of the populace follows Islam.

You won't be frustrated in any event, briefly after you venture into the nation and it is certain that you will continue to return to an ever increasing extent. Residents of 2 nations needn't bother with a Djibouti visa; however, others should straightforwardly contact their closest consulate of Djibouti or choose an Djibouti e-visa if their nation is qualified to do as such.

Kinds Of Djibouti Visa 

1. Tourist Visa 

Djibouti is regularly visited by travelers attributable to its lovely design and normal miracles. In case you are somebody going for something similar or in any event, for meeting your family, you should apply for a Djibouti tourist visa, which can be handily accomplished. 

2. Business Visa 

Yemeni travelers need to visit Djibouti for business purposes, you will require a Djibouti business visa to do as such. This incorporates visiting the country for assignments like going for a gathering, going to a course or making an arrangement. 

3.Transit Visa 

It is a short stay Djibouti visa given to Yemeni travelers or different nationals who wished to go through the country to a third objective.

Note:- There are two types of Djibouti visa for Yemenins are 30 days and 3 days Djibouti visa for single entry and the Djibouti visa is not processable for Yemenins if they are applying through Tourist visa online. And more information they need to visit and check all the details.

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Djibouti Visa Document Requirements for Yemeni 

1. An identification passport legitimate for something like a half year. 

2. A flight reservation (or some other potential method for transport).  

3. A convenience hotel and lodging address (Hotel or at your host's). 

4. A greeting invitation letter (association or host with their contacts).

Apply Djibouti visa for Yemeni 

1. Go to the Djibouti visa segment and pick one of the visa as per your purpose of your entry in Djibouti 

2. Chosen your living nation and citizenship country 

3. Select your Djibouti visa legitimacy days as per required.

4. Lastly, fill out the online Djibouti visa application segment.

Whenever you are finished with the Djibouti visa application by filling out important information such as full name, gender, date of birth, date of arrival, passport details, etc. 

Continue to pay the Djibouti visa processing fees and hang tight for a couple of days until you get the confirmation mail. 

Now you can upload all the necessary documents including passport size photographs etc. 

After that you need to wait for 2 to 3 working days for Djibouti visa approval.

Once approved your Djibouti visa then you can track your Djibouti visa status online. 

Now Yemeni travelers can visit Djibouti. 

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Instructions on Djibouti e visa online

The Djibouti Tourist e-Visa permits the candidates single entry visit in the country on any of the visa types and permits them to stay in the country for as long as 90 days. 

Djibouti e-Visa can be given distinctly for the travel industry, business, or travel. Different purposes, like work and study, require a customary visa which is acquired at the government office. 

In Djibouti on arrival you need to introduce your identification passport alongside your printed Tourist e-Visa. Your visa should be substantial for a half year before appearing in Djibouti. 

The Djibouti Tourist E-Visa is just accessible for explorers who intend to enter the country through the Ambouli International Airport.


Yemeni travelers are requested to check the availability of Djibouti visa given regarding from which country you are coming from. Yemenis can apply for their Djibouti visa through Tourist visa online for 100% Djibouti visa approval.

Apply Djibouti Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,To enter Djibouti, all Yemeni visitors required a Djibouti visa whether for leisure, travel, work or business, must have a valid djibouti e-visa but before applying for you need to check the availability of the Djibouti visa for Yemenis.

Once you have done all the process, submitting your application will take no more than 5 minutes.

Fill out a simple online application form through Tourist visa online and pay Djibouti visa processing fees with choosing a credit card, debit card or PayPal. Wait for Djibouti visa approval it will take 2 to 3 business days and once approved you can track your Djibouti visa status online.

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